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Feb 13  Insight: State of The City / Kyle Rasmussen / Ask Joey / Sound Advice

What was on Mayor Kevin Johnson’s agenda besides the arena? Analysis of his State of the City address. Twenty years ago, Bear Valley skiier Kyle Rasmussen was on the Olympic stage; he reminisces with us. Plus relationship advice and Sound Advice.

Feb 14  Insight: Capitol Chat / "The Neurobiology of Love" / Patrick Mulvaney / Oliver "Tuku" Mtukudzi

One Insight Rick Kushman talks with Capital Public Radio's Katie Orr about gubernatorial, Tim Donnelly. Then in honor of Valentines day we ask Dr. Sarah Strand about the Neurobiology of Love. Also Patrick Mulvaney and the Elder Statesman of Afropop.

Feb 18  Insight: Political Junkie Goes West / Drought and the Public Health / 50 Years of Hemingway Criticism / News Network: Beth In Sochi

The Political Junkie Ken Rudin goes west, and we'll learn about the drought and public health. Plus Peter Hays on Ernest Hemingway, and Beth Ruyak shares her Sochi adventures.

Today's Show

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Feb 12  Insight: Reducing California's Prison Population / Olympics Update / Poet Stephen Dunn / Kushman By the Bottle

Live from Sochi, NPR’s Tamara Keith joins us with her view of the Olympic Games. A McGeorge law professor Michael discusses the federal judges’ new 2-year timetable to reduce CA’s prison population.

Recent Shows

Feb 11  Insight: News Network / Did Sid / Plastic Ahoy / Sac Ballet

Paul Robins’ book “Did Sid?,” a new murder mystery set in Sacramento. Plus a book for kids about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch called “Plastics, Ahoy!” and Ballet for Valentine’s weekend? Ron Cunningham & Choreographer Ma Cong preview their work.

Feb 10  Insight: Political Junkie Goes West / Father Dear John / "Around the World in 80 Days" / Reopening of California State Library

The Political Junkie, Ken Rudin checks in. Nobel Prize nominee Father John Dear discusses his new book “The Non-Violent Life.” B Street Theatre is staging “Around the World in 80 Days.” And a preview of the updated CA State Library.
Julie Jacobson / AP

Feb 07  Insight: Maddie Bowman and the Winter Olympics / Capitol Chat / Paper Bag Writers / Jacqueline Schwab and McAvoy Lane

South Lake Tahoe’s Olympian Maddie Bowman is ready for Opening Ceremonies. Maddie and her mom share their views on the Games. Plus pianist Jacqueline Schwab and impressionist McAvoy Lane in “Mark Twain’s America."
Pavel Golovkin / AP

Feb 06  Insight: Fishing Ban / Winter Olympics 2014 / Women's Heart Health / Sound Advice

On Insight, California Fisheries Chief Stafford Lehr and fishing expert Alan Fong talk about new drought-related restrictions. We’ll talk with Squaw Valley’s Andy Wirth as Sochi’s issues continue. Plus, women’s Heart Health and Sound Advice.
planetlight / Flickr

Feb 05  Insight: Politics and the Drought / Sac Bee's Marcos Breton / Basketball Player Dylan Garrity / Artist Bryan Valenzuela

A bill aimed at drought relief will be voted on today in DC. Insight speaks to local lawmakers and Reporter Matt Lazlo on what it means. SacBee's Marcos Breton joins Insight for a chat. And Basketball Player Dylan Garrity and Artist Bryan Valenzuela.

Feb 04  Insight: Drought In Nevada / News Network / Chris Enss / Food Network's Keith Simpson

How Nevada is coping during the drought. Jeff Hudson crunches state unemployment numbers. Chris Enss talks about "Love Lessons from the Old West." And meet the Sacramento host of the Food Network series "Buy This Restaurant!"
Melissa Arnot

Feb 03  Insight: Political Junkie Goes West / Healdsburg and Cloverdale / Melissa Arnot / Ramanand Patel

A conversation with American Mountain Climber Melissa Arnott, the Political Junkie discusses the Super Bowl and CA's water shortage. Drought in the communities of Healdsburg and Cloverdale and more on well-known Yoga Instructor Ramanand Patel.
ollesvensson / Flickr

Jan 31  Insight: Capitol Chat / Avocado / River City and Valley Life / Darrell Effinger

Katie Orr stops by for Capitol Chat. With guacamole on our minds for Super Bowl Sunday, avocados is the crop in the spotlight today. A new book takes a look at the Sacramento valley and rivers. Plus, a local teacher has a tribute for Pete Seeger.
Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

Jan 30  Insight: Explaining MyRA / California Asparagus and the Drought / Sierra Snow Report / Sound Advice

Insight speaks to a financial expert to explain MyRA, plus a Sierra snow report and the forecast for Stockton's asparagus crop. A live Sound Advice from the Crocker Art Museum with CapRadio's Gary Vercelli.
USDAgov / Flickr

Jan 29  Insight: State of the Union Recap / Hydroponics and Aquaponics / CapRadio Read / The Not Dying Girl Lauren McCullough

A recap of the State of the Union Address. Insight explores new farming techniques called hydroponics and aquaponics. CapRadio Reads celebrates its first anniversary and The Not Dying Girl Lauren McCullough stops by to talk about her life.
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