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Friday, Aug. 22: BackStory With The American History Guys: Tapped Out: Thirsting For Fresh Water
Monday, Sept. 1: American RadioWorks: The Science Of Smart

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Oct 10  Insight: Capitol Chat / "Breaking the Line" / Chris Horner / Sound Advice: Beach Boys

A look at the stack of bills on Governor Brown's desk in this week's Capitol Chat. A new book about segregated college football in the South in the 60's. Cycling Champion Chris Horner. Sound Advice features unreleased songs by the Beach Boys.

Oct 14  Insight: Antarctic Research Freeze / New Bills / High-Speed Rail / Film Festival Winners

UC Davis geologist on how the government shutdown is affecting two well-known research projects. Ben Adler updates us on new laws signed by Gov. Brown and he gets the latest on California's high-speed rail project. Students make award-winning video.

Oct 15  Insight: Strong Mayor / News Network: SNR / Winter Gardens / SLV

Why a group of citizens is leading a new effort for a strong mayor in Sac. Nick Miller with news about Sac's efforts to stop people from feeding the homeless in parks. Seasonal veggies perfect for planting now. Latin singer performs at Sol Collective

Today's Show

Oct 09  Insight: Initiative Reform / Office Politics / Kushman by the Bottle / "Tell Me on a Sunday"

We'll analyze three suggested initiative reforms from the PPIC with Kim Alexander. New book helps people play the office politics game. New research on wine tasting has some intersting results. Nanci Zoppi stars in New Helvetia Theatre production.

Recent Shows

Oct 08  Insight: Law Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants / Concussions and Brain Injury / News Network / Sacramento Ballet

Sergio Garcia talks about new legislation allowing undocumented immigrants to obtain professional licenses. UC Davis pathologist featured in new doc about NFL and concussions. Gus Thomson with news from Auburn. Ron Cunningham previews new season.

Oct 07  Insight: Through Partisan Eyes / The Delta / California's Food Trends and Policies / "Eating Right in America"

Is it possible to cover and consider the federal shutdown through non-partisan eyes? Amy Quinton travels California to learn more about how the Delta provides for the state. Steve Boillard talks trends in food. Book explores America's dietary ideas.
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Oct 04  Insight: Clinical Trials on Hold / Occupy Yosemite? / Capitol Chat / Jazz Diplomacy

How the government shutdown is affecting an Auburn mother with cancer. What happens to people with permits for Yosemite or are already out in the back country? Katie Orr visits Pelican Bay Prison. Students from the Brubeck Institute travel to D.C.

Oct 03  Insight: Effect of Yosemite Closure on Surrounding Communities / New Breast Cancer Drug / Girls Love Mail / Sound Advice: Classical

The federal government shutdown is bad news for communities surrounding Yosemite. A new breast cancer drug arrives just in time for breast cancer awareness month. How love letters help breast cancer patients. Classical Sound Advice with Cale Wiggins.

Oct 02  Insight: Navigating Open Enrollment / Marcos Breton / "Japantown"

Pauline Bartolone takes us through the enrollment process for health insurance in California and Nevada. Sac Bee columnist offers his opinion on local issues in the news. New thriller set in San Francisco has been optioned for television.

Oct 01  Insight: Government Shutdown & the Affordable Care Act / News Network / 'My Own Stranger'

How a federal government shutdown will affect California. A glimpse into the first day of Obamacare enrollment in the state. Stockton's plans to exit bankruptcy, and what opponents are saying. An acclaimed play based on poet Anne Sexton's life.

Sep 30  Insight: Covered California / ACA & Small Businesses / Stewart Goodyear

Dana Howard from Covered California joins us to answer questions about enrolling into the healthcare exchange tomorrow. How ACA and Covered California is effecting small businesses. Pianist will perform all 32 of Beethoven's sonatas from memory.

Sep 27  Insight: Capitol Chat / Keith Woods / Steve Wozniak / Mars Curiosity Update

Ben Adler on some of the bills Gov. Brown has signed into law this week. NPR Vice President for Divesity in News and Operations visits Sac. Apple co-founder kics off Speaker Series. Dawn Sumner updates us on Curiosity's latest adventures.
Tesla Motors, Inc.

Sep 26  Insight: Electric Vehicles / "Songs of Willow Frost" / Prison Crowding / Sound Advice: Blue Dog Jam

Pros and cons of electric vehicles. New novel tells story of a child searching for a movie star he believes is his lost mother. Darrell Steinberg reacts to the latest ruling regarding prisons in California. Nick Brunner with new music from DOOMBird.

Sep 25  Insight: Farm to Fork: Public Market & Food Desert / "The American Way of Poverty" / Pet Tales: Scams

Local group proposes to build new permanent market in downtown Sac. How the area's farm-to-fork movement could better serve hungry people locally. Gina Spadafori on how to avoid pet scammers. Sasha Abramsky explores modern-day poverty in America.
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