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Wednesday, September 5, 2018 Permalink

Insight: Mapping Literacy In Sacramento / The Brown Family Legacy / Art Critique Comedy Show / Trails And Vistas Art Hikes

Wikimedia / Sacramento Bee

California Chief Justice Donald Wright (left) swearing in Brown as Governor of California on January 6, 1975.

Wikimedia / Sacramento Bee


  • shutterhacks / Flickr

    Mapping Literacy Across Sacramento

    A new map from the Sacramento Library Foundation shows how kids are doing when it comes to reading at grade level across the county

  • Wikimedia / Sacramento Bee

    Californian Dynasty: Reflecting On The Legacy Of The Brown Family

    Journalist and author Miriam Pawel just published her latest book, “The Browns Of California,” which follows the careers of the state’s most well-recognized political dynasty.

  • Courtesy of Art Critique Comedy Show

    Art Critique Comedy Show Comes To Sacramento

    The Art Critique Comedy Show brings together comedians and the best art that thrift stores have to offer. The show will be at the Sacramento Comedy Spot on Sept. 8.

  • Courtesy of Jeff Engerbretson / Trails and Vistas

    A Walk In The Woods

    Trails and Vistas Art Hikes will celebrate its fifteenth year of bringing audiences a unique experience of art in a natural setting.

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