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Tuesday, August 15, 2017 Permalink

Insight: Hate Groups in California / Podcast Investigates Housing Crisis / Ethics And Genetic Editing / Bike Frog Trip Across America

Linnea Edmeier / Capital Public Radio

Linnea Edmeier / Capital Public Radio

Charlottesville put the spotlight on white nationalist groups:  how intense is this network in northern California? 

Then, affordable housing in Sacramento: we’ll kick-off a podcast series titled ‘Place & Privilege’ examining the crisis in this region.

UCDavis’ Dr. Paul Knopfler talks about CRISPER and recent news in genetic editing.

And the Bike Frog Trip Across America. 


  • Steven Senne / AP

    Prevalence Of Hate And Extremist Groups In California

    Chris Remington

    CSU San Bernardino Prof. Brian Levin is the director of the Center For The Study Of Hate & Extremism. He discusses research on hate groups in California and whether violence and unrest like in Charlottesville could spread to California.

  • The View From Here Launches Podcast On Affordable Housing Crisis

    Cody Drabble

    Four reporters at Capital Public Radio have been reporting on the California affordable housing crisis for a year. Insight is launching the first installment of the weekly podcast of “The View From Here: Place And Privilege."

  • NIH Image Gallery / Flickr

    The Ethical Issues Of Genetic Editing And "Designer Babies"

    Chris Remington

    UC Davis researcher Dr. Paul Knoepfler discusses “The Ethical Dilemma of Designer Babies" and genetic editing with CRISPR.

  • BikeFrog Team / Courtesy

    Bike Frog Cyclists Riding From Boston To San Francisco

    Chris Remington

    Zach Litif is riding his bike from Boston to San Francisco to benefit his non-profit Bike Frog.

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