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Friday, June 9, 2017 Permalink

Insight: China Recap, California Budget 2017 / One-Year Anniversary Of State's End Of Life Law

Gov. Brown Press Office / Twitter

Gov. Brown Press Office / Twitter


  • Gov. Brown Press Office / Twitter

    A Recap Of Gov. Brown's China Trip

    Gov. Jerry Brown is back in California after a week-long trip to several provinces in China negotiating climate change agreements. We get a final report from Beijing from CapRadio’s Ben Bradford who was with the Governor’s delegation in China.

  • Capitol Chat: California Budget 2017

    Early Thursday, it looked like lawmakers were headed for a deal on California's budget. And though they have started to roll out of pieces of the state budget deal, they haven't reached a full agreement yet. Capitol Bureau Chief Ben Adler has more.

  • Reflection On State's Historic End Of Life Law

    Chris Remington

    California Assembly Member Susan Eggman, from Stockton, authored AB-15, which ultimately became California’s new End of Life law last year. She joins Insight with reflections on the historic change, on the law's first anniversary.

  • A. / Flickr

    On Choosing Aid Of Dying One Year Later

    Chris Remington

    Elizabeth Wallner previously shared her story on Insight about fighting late-stage cancer. She plans to end her life if her health deteriorates significantly. She joins Insight with an update on her situation.

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