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Monday, December 19, 2016 Permalink

Political Junkie / Electoral College / Art In Aleppo / 'Citizen Cohn'

Jonathan Ayestas / Capital Public Radio

Jonathan Ayestas / Capital Public Radio


  • Jonathan Ayestas / Capital Public Radio

    Political Junkie Gives History Lesson Of Past U.S. Election Tamperings

    Political Junkie Ken Rudin shares the history of voter tampering in past U.S. elections and why it is unlikely that Hillary Clinton will win the presidency despite a massive popular vote victory.

  • Stock photo of Susan Eggman

    Explaining The Electoral College Process With Assemblymember Susan Eggman

    The Electoral College is set to vote on the next President of the United States today. Assemblymember Susan Eggman is one of the electors; she discusses how she got that opportunity and the electoral process.

  • Sacramento Woman Describes Years In Aleppo Using Art

    A Syrian woman living in Sacramento worked as an art teacher in Aleppo’s refugee camps for years. She joins her husband and documentarian Rob Asher to discuss the situation in Syria now.

  • Ailene Voisin / Sacramento Bee

    'Citizen Cohn': The Memoir Of A Sacramento City Councilman

    Steve Cohn oversaw massive transformations for the city of Sacramento for over a decade all while dealing with serious personal issues. He describes all of it in his new memoir titled "Citizen Cohn."

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