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Thursday, November 10, 2016 Permalink

Insight: Capitol Chat / National Donor Sabbath / Future Of Music / Sound Advice

melfoody / Flickr

melfoody / Flickr


  • melfoody / Flickr

    Capitol Bureau Chief Ben Adler Discusses Election Aftermath

    Protests across the country are mostly based on President-Elect Donald Trump, who will meet with President Obama Thursday to start the transition process. CapRadio’s Ben Adler covers some of the lingering questions from California elections.

  • Woman Alive From Organ Donations Advocates National Donor Sabbath

    Kyla Irving is alive today because of two successful kidney transplants from her parents. Now she’s working to fight stigma within minority communities surrounding organ donation. She’s joined by Reverend Kevin Kitrell.

  • The Fate Of Musicians To Be Addressed In Future Of Music Forum

    The Future of Music forum takes place on Nov. 12. We'll talk to a member of the forum who asks the question of what will happen to musicians with the pending presidency of Donald Trump, who has provided limited views on musicians.

  • Roger Mastroianni / Courtesy

    Classical Sound Advice: Live Performance Of Mozart's 25th Piano Concerto, New Music From Joshua Bell

    Capital Public Radio's Classical Host Kevin Doherty takes us through this week's Sound Advice. He gives a rundown of music to listen to and look out for in the near future.

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