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Tuesday, September 13, 2016 Permalink

Insight: Sex Abuse In The Marijuana Industry / Race On The Farm / Sac State's Farm-To-Fork / Stockton Symphony 90th Anniversary



  • Sexual Abuse and Trafficking in California’s Emerald Triangle

    Is sexual abuse and trafficking prevalent in the marijuana industry? As Californians consider the legalization of recreational marijuana this November. Reveal reporter Shoshana Walter joins Insight to talk about the abuse in the Emerald Triangle.

  • Race On The Farm: Breaking Down Barriers

    How pervasive is racism on California’s farms? Angela Harris has been researching these issues for many years; she was the keynote speaker for the Farm to Every Fork Dinner last weekend. Gail Myers also joins, who heads a multi-faceted non-profit.

  • Tashina Brito / Capital Public Radio

    Sacramento State’s Inaugural Farm-To-Fork Dinner

    Sacramento State kicks off its inaugural farm-to-fork dinner and celebration with a special meal on the Guy West Bridge. Sac State alum Kelly Thompson and her student Scott Brown discuss the work that went into this event and their hopes to achieve.

  • Maestro Peter Jaffe conducts the Stockton Symphony / Twitter

    Stockton Symphony Celebrates 90th Anniversary

    It’s the 90th anniversary of the Stockton Symphony. Conductor Peter Jaffe talks about the symphony's founding conductor Manlio Silva and its many achievements. We'll also preview music from the concerts planned for this year's 90th season.

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