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Wednesday, August 10, 2016 Permalink

Insight: Katehi's Resignation / Kushman By The Bottle / Lake Tahoe / Sacramento Bicycle Kitchen



  • Rich Pedroncelli / File / AP

    Katehi Saga Ends With Resignation

    Months of public battle at UCDavis have ended; the resignation of Chancellor Linda Katehi was accepted and announced Tuesday by UC President Janet Napolitano.

  • von_hedwig / Flickr

    Kushman By The Bottle: Wine Expert Rick Kushman Revisits Tasting Advice

    A few weeks ago, wine expert Rick Kushman shared some common-sense advice for finding a wine that you really “like” to drink. That segment prompted more conversation and some good questions, so Rick is back to expand on that advice.

  • Karin Higgins / UC Davis

    Lake Tahoe Loses Signature Clarity With Warming Waters And Lower Levels

    Lake Tahoe faces a crisis as its waters are not only getting warmer, but also murkier. Professor Geoffrey Schladow with the UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center joins Insight to discuss the cause of the lake losing its trademark clarity.

  • b-hf / Flickr

    Sacramento Bicycle Kitchen Celebrates 10 Years Of Do-It-Yourself Servicing

    Ten years ago, a group of bicycle enthusiasts got together to start up a bike collective in Sacramento. Volunteers Paul Droubay and Ryan Sharpe join Insight to talk about the do-it-yourself format the shop has followed in its decade of servicing.

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