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Tuesday, December 29, 2015 Permalink

Best Of Insight: Science Interviews 2015

@NOAA / Twitter

@NOAA / Twitter


  • Antarctic Coral Reefs

    Sacramento State professor Dr. Amy Wagner shared her research on corals in Antarctica. She talked about what’s been happening to corals in the Ross Sea and what it can teach us about global climate.

  • Sea Urchin Death

    Millions of purple sea urchins and tiny sea stars have died along a 62-mile stretch of coast in Northern California in the past two years. Researchers from UC Davis talked about the likely culprit behind the die-off.

  • Seismology Compilation

    In 2015, Insight covered seismology several times. We’ll revisit the University of Nevada Reno scientists who were in Nepal for the aftershocks of a huge earthquake.

  • Gregory Bull / AP

    Monarch Butterflies

    Monarch butterflies are having a population boom in California, and nobody can explain why. Insight talked with Prof. Art Shapiro from UC Davis and Prof. Matt Forister from University of Nevada, Reno about the latest numbers.

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