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Thursday, July 30, 2015 Permalink

Insight Midsummer Music Special: Sister Crayon / Rocky Dawuni / Bill Champlin / Billie Holiday Songbook

victoriawhite / Flickr

victoriawhite / Flickr

Guest Host: Nick Brunner


  • Sister Crayon / Facebook

    Rebroadcast: Sister Crayon's Terra Lopez On Heartbreak And The Band's New Album

    Sister Crayon released its second album earlier this year. The songs come from a tough place for lead singer and lyricist Terra Lopez. Capital Public Radio’s Nick Brunner talked with Lopez about the break up that informed these latest songs.

  • Mark Bennington / courtesy

    Rebroadcast: Rocky Dawuni Spreads Message Of Unity And Hope, On Stage And Off

    Ghanaian roots artist Rocky Dawuni headlined the main stage at the California Worldfest in Grass Valley earlier this month.Ahead of his performance, he spoke with Capital Public Radio music host Cale Wiggins about his latest release.

  • Bill Champlin / Facebook

    Rebroadcast: Bill Champlin Chats About Sons Of Champlin, Chicago

    CapRadio's Mick Martin caught up with Bill Champlin by phone prior to the Sons of Champlin Folsom performance in May. Champlin led the band, which was a fixture in the San Francisco music scene in the 1960s and 70s.


    Rebroadcast: Lara Downes’ "A Billie Holiday Songbook"

    Pianist Lara Downs spoke with Insight in March about her album, "A Billie Holiday Songbook," which commemorated what would have been the singer's 100th birthday.

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