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Wednesday, July 15, 2015 Permalink

Insight: Reaching Pluto / Auburn Drug Company / James Rollins / Sound Workshop For Girls

Bill Ingalls / NASA

New Horizons Flight Controllers celebrate after they received confirmation from the spacecraft that it had successfully completed the flyby of Pluto, Tuesday, July 14, 2015.

Bill Ingalls / NASA



  • NASA / AP

    New Horizons Reaches Pluto

    Sacramento State Astronomy Professor Christopher Taylor talks with Insight about the close-up introduction we are now getting of the dwarf planet, Pluto.

  • Screenshot / The Final Days Of Auburn Drug Company

    Short Film Chronicles The Final Days Of Auburn Drug Company

    Insight speaks with Philip Jacques and Cody Hitchcock from Auburn Community Television about a new documentary titled, "Final Days Of Auburn Drug Company."

  • James Rollins / Facebook

    Re-broadcast: James Rollins

    Insight rebroadcasts a conversation with James Rollins, who will be at the Bee Book Club Thursday.

  • rftrudeau / Flickr

    Karrie Keyes Teaches At Sound Camp For Girls

    Call her a “sound girl.” Karrie Keyes is one of the best live music sound monitors. Keyes is holding a workshop in Modesto at the end of the month to pass her skills to the next generation of girls. She joins Insight by phone from Los Angeles.

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