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Monday, March 9, 2015 Permalink

Insight: Pro And Con: ESC Public Art / Linda Joy Singleton / Paula Poundstone



  • Local Artists Criticize Plan For $8 Million Sculpture At Downtown Arena

    On Insight, local artists explain why they think a $8 million Jeffrey Koons sculpture is a terrible choice for the city's downtown arena.

  • Proponents Explain Benefits Of $8 Million Sculpture

    On Insight, proponents of an $8 million sculpture at the downtown arena explain why they feel the art is a terrific choice for the city.

  • Linda Joy Singleton's "Snow Dog, Sand Dog"

    Linda Joy Singleton has written a children’s book that anyone in Northern California can appreciate -- the story of a young girl with allergies who figures out a way to have pet dogs.

  • paulapoundstone / Flickr

    Paula Poundstone To Appear At Crest

    Paula Poundstone! She’s coming to Sacramento Friday for a show at the Crest – are you a fan? She’s on the road – touring – and will call from …

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