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Wednesday, September 3, 2014 Permalink

Insight: UC Davis And The Flying Eye Hospital / Unseen Capitol Players / Possible Cease-fire Talks: Ukraine & Russia /Jazz At Naked Lounge

Sergei Grits / AP

Sergei Grits / AP



On Sept. 5, a team of doctors from UC Davis including eye surgeons, anesthesiologists and a recovery room nurse will fly to Trujillo, Peru to perform special eye care for Peruvian citizens. The team will travel via the Flying Eye Hospital, a DC10 cargo jet that transformed from within into a state-of-the-art operating room and classroom. They plan to test the vision of both adults and children in addition to perform sight restoration surgeries. UC Davis's new dean of Health Systems will attend the trip as well in order to explore further medical partnership with a local university hospital in Trujillo. 


Perhaps the two most important and powerful people in the Capitol that nobody has ever heard of are retiring from the Legislature this year. Senate Secretary Greg Schmidt and Assembly Administrator Jon Waldie have more than 70 years of combined experience at the Capitol and a wealth of institutional knowledge. Both men join us ahead of their retirement to talk about their time in the legislature and venture a guess as to whether the Capitol will continue to stand after their departure.

0903-waldie -and -schmidt

Photo by: Robert Brulte


Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko rebuked Russia last week for sending soldiers and military vehicles into his country to support armed rebels. Now, Poreshenko and Russia Prime Minister Vladimir Putin are reported to be working on a cease-fire agreement that could end fighting in the volatile regions of Southeast Ukraine, where fighting has been the worst. President of the Ukrainian Heritage Club of Northern California Lubow Jowa joins us to talk about how Ukrainians in Northern California are reacting to the news of a potential cease-fire in Ukraine’s ongoing civil war.


0903-ukraine -3-p

Pro-Russian rebels pass by destroyed Ukrainian military vehicles near the village of Novokaterynivka, eastern Ukraine, Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2014. Ukrainian troops have over the past week suffered a string of major military losses in their offensive against Russian-backed separatist rebels, losing large swathes of territory and having hundreds of soldiers captured. Sergei Grits / AP

Sacramento jazz musicians Levi Saelua (saxophone) and Bryan McAllister (piano) are launching a monthly First Thursday concert series at the Naked Lounge featuring local jazz artists, playing a new theme every month. The inaugural concert theme on Sept. 4 will feature jazz covers of Michael Jacksons classic pop hits.



  • Flying Eye Hospital Heading To Peru

    A team of UC Davis doctors will fly to Peru aboard The Flying Eye Hospital.

  • Capitol Power Players To Retire

    Two of the most important people the California legislature are retiring this year -- Senate Secretary Greg Schmidt and Assembly Administrator Jon Waldie.

  • Sergei Grits / AP

    Reported Cease-fire Between Ukraine, Russia Unclear

    Dr. Lubow Jowa joins Insight to talk about in Ukraine and possible cease-fire talks.

  • Jazz At The Naked Lounge

    Levi Saelua and Bryan McAllister preview their show Thursday night at the Naked Lounge.

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