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Friday, August 29, 2014 Permalink

Insight: Capitol Chat: End Of Session / Bills By Law Students / "Death Row All Stars" / Element Brass Band




By Sunday, California lawmakers must finish their work for their session and close up shop. This year, they might finish early. But not before key votes on paid sick leave, groundwater regulation and the statewide plastic bag ban. CapRadio's Katie Orr joins Insight to talk about what it takes for lawmakers to get to the finish line. 



0307 senate chamber

At least one of the bills on its way to the Governor’s desk came from a class at McGeorge School of Law. Teams of students worked on five bills and then lobbied for them through a class called The Legislation Clinic. Two of the law students and their instructor are stopping by Insight to give an update on their measures.

Lexi Howard, just graduated from McGeorge and works as a lobbyist, she's part of a team with a bill on its way to the governor's desk AB2632. Fielding Greaves was on the team with a bill that made it through the Assembly, but didn't clear the Senate, AB 2452. Rex Frazier is an adjunct law professor and president of Personal Insurance Federation of California and teaches the clinic.

AB 2632 (Maienschein), prohibiting the Dept of Social Services from ignoring an arrest record while reviewing an application to work in a state-licensed child care facility.  In partnership with the Children’s Advocacy Institute, the students worked the issue and things broken when KCRA picked the issue up. See here.  DSS announced a policy change shortly thereafter, but the bill requires them to actually follow through, which they haven’t following their announcement.  Status: To Gov

SB 1058 (Leno), creating the ability for an inmate to get a new hearing if the expert testimony used to convict them subsequently becomes discredited. Divided CA Supreme Court case last year prohibited this, and the students are working with a group called Innocence Project to reverse it.  And, the bill was covered by the Washington Post.  Status: To Gov

AB 2643 (Wieckowski), creating a civil cause of action to get “revenge porn” taken down from a post. Last year, Senator Cannella created the crime of revenge porn, but the students are working with domestic violence groups who say that women don’t want to press criminal charges, they just want the offensive material taken down in a discrete fashion. The bill would allow filing the case under a pseudonym to preserve plaintiff identity.  The students successfully negotiated with Facebook to remove their opposition. Status: To Gov

AB 2623 (Pan), adding elder law topics to peace officer training.  Came from the McGeorge Elder Law Clinic after some heartbreaking individual casework. Status: To Gov

AB 2452 (Pan), requiring the Secretary of State to replace its current, paper registry for advanced health directives (AHDs) with an electronic system.  This also came from the Elder Law Clinic after discussions with doctors at UC Davis Med Center who sometime resuscitate patients who had an unknown DNR that could possibly have been discovered with a secure, electronic doctor retrieval from the AHD directory.  Stalled in 2nd house (the Senate)

0404-assembly -chamber -P

The Old West gave us familiar stories of pioneers, great mountain adventures, and gold mining. But few know those of the men who served double-time as baseball legends and death-bound convicts. Death Row All Stars by Chris Enss and Howard Kazanjian recounts the tales of a Wyoming prison known for its winning baseball team. The national book launch will be held on Aug. 30 at Raley Field in Sacramento featuring a book signing by the authors, followed by a River Cats game for special guests of the event.

Second Line is an old tradition with brass band parades out of New Orleans. Its roots can be traced to West African culture and is an exaggerated, free-form style of performance that became popular in the U.S. just after the Civil War. Sacramento’s Element Brass Band celebrates the music and the style – the band performs this afternoon at McClatchy Park for Sol Collective's Global Local.


0829-element -brass -band -p

0828 Global Local


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    Are California lawmakers finishing the session ahead of the deadline? CapRadio's Katie Orr joins Insight to talk about the last day of session.

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    A handful of bills that worked their way through the state legislature originated from a McGeorge School of Law class called the Legislation Clinic.

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