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Tuesday, August 19, 2014 Permalink

Insight: News Network / UC Davis Ebola Research / The Yoga Of Food / Sacramento Film and Music Festival

Abbas Dulleh / AP

Abbas Dulleh / AP



The Sacramento International Airport is getting its finances on track after the recession tanked its revenue. As the Sacramento Bee’s Tony Bizjak reports, the airport’s return to the black was helped by an increase in air travel, but mainly created by cutting costs. The Sacramento Bee’s Bizjak joins us with more of the story in this week’s News Network.


0819-sacramento -airport -2-p

Dr. Jonna Mazet is the Principal Investigator and Co-Director of PREDICT, a project of USAID’s Emerging Pandemic Threats Program led by the school’s One Health Institute at UC Davis. 

She studies prevention of the spread of pathogens that result in outbreaks like Ebola outbreak in Nigeria. This includes behavior change and educating the people in danger of such outbreaks regarding transmission, prevention, and interaction with and consumption of pathogen-carrying animals.

She has studied how behavioral changes in local practices has curbed the effects of the Nipah Virus outbreak in Bangladesh.


Psychologist and practicing yoga instructor Dr. Melissa Grabau examines the link between yogic mindfulness and eating in her book The Yoga of Food. Grabau details both her personal and her clientele's struggles with today's societal stance on food and eating. She believes yoga can guide us towards healthful, mindful eating practices in our everyday life.

0819 Book Cover Yoga Of Food

The Sacramento Film and Music Festival is an international film festival lasting three days, August 22-24, at the Crest Theatre in Downtown Sacramento. Beginning in 2000, the festival aims to feature and celebrate filmmaking from across the world as well as Sacramento's own local filmmakers. Of these local films, a music video by Elk Grove native Christine Rosander entitled "Been a Long Time" will be showcased at the festival.


  • News Network: Transportation In Sacramento

    Sacramento Bee's Tony Bizjak reflects on transportation issues in the region -- from the airport to highway construction.

  • Abbas Dulleh / AP

    Preventing The Spread Of Ebola And Other Diseases

    A discussion on the Ebola outbreak and other diseases.

  • Melissa Grabau's Yoga Of Food

    An author talks about yoga and its relation to food.

  • acidhelm / Flickr

    Sacramento Film and Music Festival To Run Aug. 22 to Aug. 24

    Elk Grove native Christine Rosander talks about her music video "Been A Long Time," which will be featured in this year's Sacramento Film and Music Festival.

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