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Monday, July 21, 2014 Permalink

Insight: The Political Junkie Goes West / 50 Years Of Hemingway Criticism / Growing Avocados During The Drought / Keith Lowell Jensen

Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio




Ken Rudin, known to NPR listeners from his many years talking all things politics with Neal Conan on "Talk of the Nation," joins Insight host Beth Ruyak for our signature segment that puts California politics in the context of the national scene. Rudin joins us from Washington D.C. in an effort to put it all in perspective.

The drought has forced some avocado growers to abandon their groves and this year’s harvest is lighter than the previous season. Ed McFadden is the chairman of the board of the California Avocado Commission and an avocado grower himself. He says California growers may be producing less avocadoes this year, but the quality is the best he’s seen in years. McFadden joins us to explain how the drought is affecting avocado growers in the state and whether you’ll see a spike in the fruit’s price because of the drought.

Peter Hays, an emeritus professor at UC Davis, has released a book collecting 50 years of his essays about Ernest Hemingway. Hays spoke with Rick Kushman about his book “Fifty Years of Hemingway Criticism” earlier this year, upon its release. We’re re-airing that interview in honor of Ernest Hemingway’s 115th birthday Monday.


0218 Hemingway

Sacramento Comedian Keith Lowell Jensen is trying something new. Only a few months after ending his successful “Comedy Night at Luna’s” on Wednesdays, Jensen is back with a brand new show that combines music with comedy. “Session: A Jazz and Comedy Jam” will launch at the Sacramento Punch Line on July 23.


  • Political Junkie Goes West

    The Political Junkie is turning his analytical gaze west.

  • ollesvensson / Flickr

    How Avocado Growers Are Faring In Drought

    It’s been a challenging year for California avocado farmers.

  • Florida Keys--Public Libraries / Ida Woodward Barron Collection / Flickr

    50 Years Of Hemingway Criticism

    UC Davis Professor Peter Hays has written about Ernest Hemingway for the past 50 years.

  • Keith Lowell Jensen / Facebook

    Session: A Jazz and Comedy Jam

    Keith Lowell Jensen explains why he is mixing jazz and stand-up comedy.

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