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Thursday, July 17, 2014 Permalink

Insight: Stockton Shootout Update / Water Restrictions / Word Crimes Director / Japantown / Sound Advice: Jazz




Stockton police are still at the scene of a shootout that followed a bank robbery and high-speed chase Thursday morning. The violence happened in a neighborhood where homes and cars now riddled with bullet holes. Two suspects and one hostage died.


New water restrictions are going into effect in the State of California to deal with the on-going drought. What are the restrictions and how are area agencies working to enforce them? Tom Goehirng from the Sacramento Water Forum joins Insight to talk about what the new restrictions mean.

0717 Reservoirs

In November 2013, Weird Al Yankovic asked Sacramento amateur filmmaker Jarrett Heather to direct an animated video for "Word Crimes,", a parody of Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines," about the supposed abuse of proper language. The video was released Tuesday and Heather’s phone has been ringing ever since. Heather joins us this morning to talk about his collaboration with Yankovic.


Japantown is the debut novel from Davis native Barry Lancet. The thriller is set in San Francisco's Japantown and is being heralded by critics as an outstanding first novel. Lancet was on Insight shortly after the books release in the fall of 2013. This week, we’re rebroadcasting that interview ahead of the book’s paperback release next July 22.

  • Dena DeRose "Big City" We Won’t Forget You

    Dena DeRose is an accomplished pianist and vocalist. She’s also a seasoned educator, having served at the Stanford Jazz Workshop for the past 15 years and at the University of Music in Graz, Austria, since 2006.

    Dena suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome and was forced to stop playing piano. This is when she was encouraged to begin signing. Successful surgeries have enabled her to resume playing piano and she has recorded 11 albums as a leader.

    Her latest CD is an homage to Shirley Horn (Miles Davis’ favorite vocalist, who passed away in 2005). Shirley and Dena met on a jazz cruise and Horn was impressed with her talent. They both have gentle voices and specialize in ballads, but I’ve chosen an up tempo tune which features Gary Smulyan on baritone sax.


  • Ada Rovati "Smile" Disguise

    Ada Rovatti hails from Italy. She studied classical piano and began playing tenor sax in high school. She was awarded a scholarship to Berklee College of Music in Boston. Her new CD Disguise features seven originals from this emerging composer plus an interesting reworking of Charlie Chaplin’s  “Smile.” Guest  artists on this date include trumpet master Randy Brecker  (Ada’s husband), flutist Anne Drummond, and pianist Leo Genovese.

  • Nicola Conte ft. Marvin Parks "Shades Of Joy" Free Souls

    Italian journalist Nicola Gaeta describes Nicola Conte: “An accomplished juggler when it comes to play with styles, capable to invent modern structures, Nicola got used to his ability to blend harmonically different musical worlds and create cooperation between great musicians. Deepness is the added value of this album, something in between consciousness and spirituality.”

    Aside from his incredible compositional and arranging prowess, Nicola is a great facilitator and assembler of talent. His new CD spotlights vocalist Marvin Parks. Like Jose James and Gregory Porter before him, Marvin enlivens Nicola’s composition “Shades Of Joy,” with a highly original, unique , and soulful voice. This is another great new release on the Milano-based Schema label.

  • Horndogz "Movin’ On" #Wooof

    Horndogz is a trio of producers who met for the first time in a French funk band called Malika. Eric Rohner (sax), Gil Garin (trumpet), and Rico Kerridge (guitar) make up the Dogz. They welcome great guest artists, including Amp Fiddler, Mary Griffin, Breis, and Fred Wesley on their new CD on the French Uptone Records label.

    The Horndogz backed up George Clinton during a 2010 European tour and they have a busy schedule on the European festival circuit this summer. You can hear Clinton’s influence in their originals, as well as that of Curtis Mayfield and other soul icons of the 60’s and 70’s.

  • The New Mastersounds "When It Rains" Therapy

    The New Mastersounds are a multinational funk band hailing from Leeds, England. They play instrumental funk with a retro-soul feel.  They have an expanding fan base in England, Europe, and Japan, and have recently toured the U.S. guitarist Eddie Roberts is the group’s stand out soloist. His clean lines remind me of Wes Montgomery and Freddie Robinson, set in a thoroughly modern framework.


  • Rich Ibarra: Update On Stockton Robbery, Shootout Investigation

    Capital Public Radio's Rich Ibarra gives an update on the investigation into a deadly Stockton shootout.

  • Water Restrictions In Light Of Drought

    On Insight, how will the $500 fine for water wasters work?

  • Word Crimes Director

    There's a Sacramento connection to one of the videos Weird Al Yankovic released this week.

  • insight-071714c

    The thriller and debut novel of Barry Lancet, Japantown, is out on paperback.

  • Sound Advice - Gary Vercelli

    Gary Vercelli brings in tracks by Dena DeRose, continues his admiration for Nicola Conte and is surprised to find something to smile about in a new version of a well-worn piece.

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