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Wednesday, June 25, 2014 Permalink

Insight: Teacher Tenure / Music in the Mountains / Pet Tales / "Playing By Ear"

 OmiB91 / Flickr

OmiB91 / Flickr



Earlier this month, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Rolf M. Treu handed down a ruling in Vergara vs. California that struck down teacher tenure laws. The decision has been stayed until an appeal can be heard. The plaintiffs in the case, backed by education reform organization Students First, call it a victory for low-income families who they believe receive inadequate education because of weak teachers who can’t be fired. Many teachers, however, see it a bit differently.

Today on Insight, we’ll talk with a long-time Government instructor at McClatchy High School about how the ruling effects teachers. Plus, we’ll learn a little about the history of teacher tenure in the California and why it came about in the first place with SacState Professor Dr. Jana Noel.


  • Dr. Jana Noel study
  • Washington Post: Aren't California Tenure Policies In Fact Unreasonable? Plus 4 more Vergara questions asked and answered
  • LA Times: California Teacher Tenure Is Struck Down: Expect Years Of Appeals
  • SF Gate: Is This The End Of Teacher Tenure In California?

Vergara vs Calif Tentative-Decision by Capital Public Radio

Music in the Mountains’ annual celebration SummerFest is underway in Nevada County. We’ll talk with new Artistic Advisor Peter Nowlen about some of the featured artists and events that people can participate in through July 3.


0625-summerfest -1-P

As temperatures continue to rise in the Central Valley, it’s important for pet owners to remember some basic safety rules when traveling with their animals. Pet expert Gina Spadafori joins us for this month’s Pet Tales to explain to talk about the heat and how it effects your pet. Plus, the Fourth of July is a fun, loud holiday for most humans, but that’s not always the case for animals. We’ll talk about how you can keep your animals safe during the holiday. 


Bruce Lundvall served as president of Columbia Records in the 70’s, Elektra Records in the early 80’s, and then revitalized the iconic Blue Note label in 1984. He facilitated the careers of jazz greats Herbie Hancock, Dexter Gordon, and Dianne Reeves. While his favorite music was jazz, Mr. Lundvall had the ears to recognize great talent across musical boundaries. He signed country legend Willie Nelson and popular artists, such as Phoebe Snow.

Author Dan Ouellette has written a comprehensive biography detailing Lundvall’s life titled “Playing By Ear.” Our jazz music director, Gary Vercelli recently recorded an interview Ouellette about his book. 


  •  OmiB91 / Flickr


    Insight explores the recent ruling that struck down the state's teacher tenure laws and what it means.

  • Insight: Music in the Mountains

    SummerFest by Music in the Mountains is underway. We talked with Artistic Advisor Peter Nowlen on Insight about what to expect at the festival, which runs through July 3.

  • Insight: Pet Tales

    Gina Spadafori has pet tips for the summer.

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