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Tuesday, June 3, 2014 Permalink

Insight: News Network: Dan Walters / Crocker Returns Artifacts / "She Has a Name" / Life in 24 Frames




Sacramento Bee columnist Dan Walters joins us to discuss primary elections and other political institutions that remain from the early days of California governance. 

CapRadio's Election Coverage

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Just last week, Sacramento City Council voted  to repeal a law that had lingered on the books for many years: Japanese Internment during World War II. Now, the Crocker Art Museum is confirming that they had stored art and artifacts for Japanese families and artists during the war.  Museum Registrar, John Caswell, will discuss the return of these artifacts to the families that were incarcerated during internment and the documents to support each piece well, all but one plant stand.


Henry Sugimoto

Playwright Andrew Kooman’s “She Has a Name” tells the intense story of a lawyer who decides to build a legal case against a brothel trafficking in Malaysia to Thailand, giving a face to modern day human trafficking. After touring in Canada, this critically acclaimed play is making its American debut at the FreeFall Stage in Folsom until June 22.


Life in 24 Frames is an indie band from Northern California that is once of many local acts to be featured in Sacramento's Concerts in the Park series. They play this Friday at Caesar Chavez Park, which serves as a prelude to the release of their newest album, "Bitter End," which will be on vinyl for a limited time in July.



  • Insight: News Network

    Insight will have a lesson on primary elections.

  • insight-060314b

    The Crocker Art Museum stored art and artifacts for Japanese families and artists during the WWII internment. Now, the museum is set to return those items.

  • Insight: She Has A Name

    A new play at the FreeFall State in Folsom focuses on the issue of human trafficking.

  • Insight: Life In 24 Frames

    Life in 24 Frames will be featured at this Friday's Concerts in the Park.

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