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Tuesday, January 21, 2014 Permalink

Insight: News Network / High-Speed Rail / Joe Mathews on State of the State / B Street's Elemeno P






Last week, Gov. Jerry Brown declared a drought state of emergency in California and asked the public to voluntarily begin cutting back on water usage by 20 percent. We check in with Auburn's Gus Thomson who will talk about efforts to conserve in that city.

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0115_drought _banner


0121_southforkamericanriver 2_P

South Fork of American River. Beth Ruyak / Capital Public Radio

0121_tahoebasinfromechosummit _P

View of Tahoe Basin from Echo Summit. Beth Ruyak / Capital Public Radio

0121_slyparkreservoir 2_P

Sly Park Reservoir. Beth Ruyak / Capital Public Radio

0121_southfork -americanriver -hwy -50_P

South Fork of American River. Beth Ruyak / Capital Public Radio


High Speed Rail It's been a pet project of Gov. Jerry Brown, but what priority will he give it in his State of State. High Speed Rail leader Jeff Morales and California Transportation Secretary Brian Kelly will talk about the project.

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 0121_highspeedrail _P

Cancel State of State? Writer Joe Mathews wonders whether the State of State tradition should be go on the wayside. In a recently published column, Mathews says the event is a political opportunity for the governor to make a case for his agenda, but it's also "a waste of time." Mathews offers an alternative to the speech.

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010914_Brown 4_P

Elemeno Pea Critics are pleased with B Street Theatre’s new comedy “Elemeno Pea,” which has been received well in its first week. Written by Molly Smith Metzler in 2011, the satire takes a look at the haves and have-nots with an balanced eye, knocking both rich and poor off their pedestals. The play stars actresses Stephanie Althoz and Lyndsy Kail, who join us in our studio to explain the story and perform a scene from the show. “Elemeno Pea” runs at the B Street Theatre through Feb. 23.

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0121_elemeno _p

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