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Monday, November 18, 2013 Permalink

Insight: Sacramento Traffic / Cars and Bikes / Remembering Chef Trotter / Controversy Over "Crazy Horse and Custer"

Sacramento Traffic In October, Sacramento saw a string of pedestrian fatalities in a 24-hour period that left many residents wondering whether the city’s roadways are in need of a safety overhaul. Add to that, drivers’ frustration over traffic congestion and you’ve got a lot of people wondering what Sacramento has in mind for making transportation as safe and smooth as possible. Joining us to discuss the state of transportation in Sacramento is longtime Sacramento Bee Reporter Tony Bizjak, who has been covering transportation issues and writing the Bee's Back-seat Driver column since 2003.
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Bike Traffic We'll take a look at the good, the bad and the frustrating when it comes to riding a bike in the River City. Cycling can be a dangerous prospect in Sacramento with more bike commuters competing for room on an already crowded - and sometimes very hostile - road. Is there a way to make Sacramento more bike friendly without frustrating hurried motorists who are already feeling enough anger behind the wheel? Is more traffic enforcement a solution or are better designed roadways the answer? Here to discuss some potential solutions is Executive Director of Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates Jim Brown.
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Remembering Chef Trotter Charlie Trotter was one of America’s best known and most influential chefs. He put Chicago on the food map, but that’s just a small part of his influence. He was one of the people who fundamentally changed American restaurants. Trotter died earlier this month at age 54. Keith Fergel, General Manager and Sommelier at Taylor’s Kitchen, worked for him for two and a half years, and he put out a call to Sacramento chefs, asking them to pay tribute to Trotter. The list of restaurants who put tribute dishes on their menus this month includes Mulvaney’s, Ella, Kru, The Kitchen, The Waterboy, Taylor’s Kitchen, Kurt Spataro’s restaurants and more. We'll talk with Fergel about Chef Trotter's influence on American cuisine.
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Controversy Over "Crazy Horse and Custer" Several Native Americans, including some of the descendants of Crazy Horse, have raised objections to the new play "Crazy Horse and Custer" at the Sacramento Theatre Company. Joining us to talk about this controversy is Kel Munger, Sacramento News & Review Theater Critic.
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