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Monday, October 28, 2013 Permalink

Insight: Sparks School Starts Again / Immigration Limbo / "But I Digress" / Jazz Diplomacy

Sparks School Starts Again A week after a shooting that left two dead and two wounded, Sparks Middle School is reopening Monday morning. As Capital Public Radio Sierra Reporter Ky Plaskon has found, some kids are scared to return to school and some parents are still a little anxious. Ky joins us to explain the situation.
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Immigration Limbo Pascale Fusshoeller, the journalist behind for the past 14 years, was arrested during a traffic stop in early October and detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Fusshoeller was issued a deportation order and then suddenly released about a week later, without any idea whether she was going to be deported or not. What complicates Fusshoeller’s case is that she isn’t entirely an illegal immigrant. She and her partner Susan Levitz were married this summer, after the Defense of Marriage Act was overturned, but Pascale hadn’t filed for a green card before the traffic stop in October. Now, with an order of removal filed against her, she’s unable to file for a green card. We'll talk with Fusshoeller about what happened with her near-deportation and hear why she's in immigration limbo.
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"But I Digress" Sacramento writer and marketing consultant Ed Goldman has recently released a book of some of his best columns from his many years writing for the Sacramento Business Journal. "But I Digress: Daily Profiles and Punditry from the Sacramento Business Journal" profiles people in the community and includes some of Goldman's "oddball" commentaries. He's signing books this Saturday at the Avid Reader in Davis.
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Jazz Diplomacy Five musicians from the Brubeck Institute at the University of the Pacific in Stockton traveled to Washington D.C. in early October for a reprisal of Dave Brubeck's 1988 jazz diplomacy performance. We spoke with Simon Rowe, the Director of the Brubeck Institute at the University of the Pacific, before they left for the trip and we'll hear how it went. We'll also meet one of the student performers and hear him play in our studio.
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