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Friday, September 20, 2013 Permalink

Insight on the Road: Live from Stockton - It Takes a Village / Community Impact / With Our Words

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It Takes a Village The statistics don't lie. Kids that drop out of high school do much worse than those that finish. They make less money - forever - and have far fewer opportunities than people with an education. You can't always control the situation you were born into - your parents, where you live, where you have to go to school - but making it through high school is something that can determine success or failure for the rest of your future. As we just heard in "The View From Here: Class Dismissed," there are many reasons why teenagers drop out. But what about those that stay in - that somehow find success, even in the dimmest of situations? How did they do it? Who made the difference in their lives? And what can we learn from their stories? Join us live from the Long Theatre at the University of the Pacific in Stockton as we talk with two young people who have graduated from high school and now work to help other youth do the same. We'll also hear from two educators about the role some teachers and administrators play in these young people's lives. Dr. Lynn Beck is the Dean of Education at UOP and Deb Nichols is the director of One Choice, an alternative charter school in San Joaquin.
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Community Impact The high-school dropout issue is not just a problem for the kids that fail and their families, it also has a huge impact on the community. A lower educated workforce means there’s more poverty and a lower tax base for schools and government programs. We’ll talk about how high school dropouts effect a communities’ economy with Campell Bullock, Executive Director of the San Joaquin Community Data Co-Op.
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Fathers and Families
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With Our Words A lack of positive community activities is an issue that young people in Stockton often raise. One organization making a name for itself nationally in the spoken word community is With Our Words. We’ll talk with Director Tama Brisbane about the slam poetry group and hear a performance.
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