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Jul 29  Insight: Wildfires From the Foothills To Wine Country / California State Fair / Cheese Conference

Winery owners in El Dorado and Amador Counties talk about the Sand Fire. The head of the California State Fair explains how this year’s fair set new attendance records. And, the American Cheese Society’s annual convention is in Sacramento this week.

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Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

Jul 28  Insight: The Political Junkie Goes West / California State Parks / Sacramento Seafood / Les Miserables

The Political Junkie gives his take on the governor's visit to Mexico. We learn how Cal Poly Pomona students are rethinking California's state parks. Plus, we discuss seafood safety and Fair Oaks Theater production's Les Miserables.

Jul 24  Insight: Capitol Chat / Prohibition in Sacramento / Sound Advice: Steve Milne / Irish Tenor: Anthony Kearns

CapRadio's Ben Adler is in for this week's Capitol Chat. We learn about Sacramento's reputation as the "wettest city" in the nation during Prohibition. Plus, Steve Milne has Sound Advice.
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Jul 23  Insight: CA Supreme Court Nominee / Sacratomato Week / Food Literacy Center / The Kimberly Trip

We discuss the latest nominee to CA's Supreme Court. We talk about the newest festival in town celebrating the tomato. We learn how the Food Literacy Center is making an impact in South Sacramento. Plus, The Kimberly Trip Band is in studio.

Jul 22  Insight: News Network: Stockton / "Ethan Blecher Braves a Bully" / "J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan" / Violinist Max Haft

Today on Insight, we talk about Stockton and the recent shootout. Author Chris Pedersen discusses her book about bullying. The Sierra Stage has a new production of "Peter Pan." Plus, Max Haft is in town after playing professionally in Europe.
Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

Jul 21  Insight: The Political Junkie Goes West / 50 Years Of Hemingway Criticism / Growing Avocados During The Drought / Keith Lowell Jensen

The Political Junkie, Ken Rudin, is back. UC Davis Professor Peter Hays dissects the character of Ernest Hemingway on his 115th birthday. An avocado grower talks about the drought. Plus, Keith Lowell Jensen on mixing stand-up comedy and jazz.
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Jul 18  Insight: Capitol Chat / Gold Mining and Breast Cancer / Johnny Winter / Matt Schofield "As Far As I Can See"

CapRadio's Katie Orr explains why a federal judge ruled California’s death penalty unconstitutional. We have an archived interview with iconic guitarist Johnny Winter, who died Wednesday. And, British blues guitarist Matt Schofield previews his show.

Jul 17  Insight: Stockton Shootout Update / Water Restrictions / Word Crimes Director / Japantown / Sound Advice: Jazz

How will the $500 fine for water wasters work? A Sacramento man is behind one of Weird Al Yankovic's new videos. Barry Lancet's Japantown is out on paperback. Plus, Gary Vercelli stops by for this week's Sound Advice.
Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

Jul 16  Insight: Effects Of Drought On Agriculture / Ukraine's Future / Sacramento and Davis Shakespeare Festivals

A co-author of a new UC Davis report explains how the drought is hurting farmers. A USC professor discusses the fine line Ukraine’s new president will need to walk to stabilize the country. Plus, summer Shakespeare festivals in Sacramento and Davis.

Jul 15  Insight: News Network / Swimming For Solace / Sacramento Japanese Film Festival / OK Go

Sacramento Bee's Metro Reporter Ryan Lillis joins Insight for News Network. Robby Schlesinger is about to dip into the Lake Tahoe for his second annual swim. Plus, an interview with OK Go's Damian Kulash and info on Sacramento's Japanese Film Fest.
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Jul 14  Insight: Matt Laslo on Politics / State Fair Calorie Counting / Blade of the Samurai / Africa Hope Fund

Matt Laslo checks in from Washington, D.C. to discuss immigration and tensions in Gaza. Andrea Thompson and Sonya Sorich searches for the best and worst food choices at the State Fair. Plus writer Susan Spann and financial expert Carol Van Bruggen.
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