Stressed: An Overwhelming Need For Sacramento Mental Health Services

Sacramento's mental health system is struggling to meet community needs. Ride along with an officer whose top priority is to help people in mental health crisis. A court program aims to give people skills and treatment to keep them out of jail.

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Illustration by Melody Stone / Capital Public Radio

Health Care

Intensive Mental Health Treatments: Options Of Last Resort

November 17, 2016 | Bob Moffitt

When therapy and drugs are unable to treat symptoms of severe depression and other mental health conditions, there are other options. Electroconvulsive therapy and other intensive therapies can be effective treatments of last resort.

Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

Garage Bands And Pastels Sometimes Are The Key To Mental Health

September 23, 2016 | Bob Moffitt

While some of the world’s most influential artists have suffered greatly from mental illness, it’s often art and music therapy that helps people who are most severely mentally ill recover.

Sacramento Threat Assessment Unit — Monitoring Dangerous People To Prevent Mass Shootings

June 13, 2016 | Bob Moffitt

After the nightclub shooting in Orlando that left 49 dead, many people are asking if law enforcement is keeping track of potentially dangerous people in Sacramento. The answer is yes, but there are limitations.

Illustration By Melody Stone / Capital Public Radio

Alternative Court Offers Therapy (And Cupcakes) To Mentally Ill Probationers

April 28, 2016 | Bob Moffitt

Once a week, a Sacramento courtroom is full of laughter and cupcakes. It is an alternative court for people who have been diagnosed with a mental illness that contributed to their crimes.

Insight With Beth Ruyak

CapRadio's Mental Health Series

April 28, 2016

Capital Public Radio report Bob Moffitt joins us to talk about his five-part mental health series exploring issues from helping people in a mental health crisis and what challenges those providing services and treatment face.

Illustration By Melody Stone / Capital Public Radio

Health Care

Mental Health: Sometimes Incarceration Is The Best Medicine

April 21, 2016 | Bob Moffitt

Sometimes, help for people with mental illness can only be found behind the locked doors of a psychiatric facility, county jail, or state mental hospital. Yet, there is no guarantee that a person requiring services can get them when they need them.

Illustration By Melody Stone / Capital Public Radio

Health Care

Few Psychiatric Beds For Tens Of Thousands In Need

April 19, 2016 | Bob Moffitt

For people struggling with their mental health, there are an increasing number of opportunities to get help. The groups working to expand resources in the Sacramento area say the system is hamstrung by the lack of adequate treatment facilities.

Illustration By Melody Stone / Capital Public Radio

Law Enforcement Officers Train To Resolve Mental Health Emergencies

April 14, 2016 | Bob Moffitt

For decades, law enforcement officers had to figure out how to help mentally ill people during a crisis on their own. Now, the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department provides training that is making a difference for both officers and those in need.

Illustration By Melody Stone / Capital Public Radio

A Day In The Life Of A Mental Health Emergency Responder

April 12, 2016 | Bob Moffitt

Cops don't just enforce the law. They must also find ways to peacefully resolve mental health emergencies. Ride along with a Sacramento police officer who is part of a team that's trained to respond to the need for mental health services.