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Saturday, May 12, 2018 Permalink

The Gershwin-Ravel Connection

New York 1928: Oskar Fried, Éva Gauthier, Ravel at piano, Manoah Leide-Tedesco, George Gershwin.


When George Gershwin met Maurice Ravel in New York in 1928, he asked about studying with the French composer.

Ravel reportedly replied, 'Why would you want to be a second-rate Ravel when you can be a first-rate Gershwin?'

The story may be apocryphal, but after Ravel's American tour and Gershwin’s visit to Paris, the two did form a mutual admiration society.  Gershwin was drawn to French music, just as Ravel was drawn to American jazz—and Gershwin’s mid-1920s works, Rhapsody in Blue and the Piano Concerto in F.

In this hour, the fascinating links between these two composers, and their music.


Title Group/Artist Catalog # UPC
Gershwin & Ravel Piano Concertos [for Ravel Concerto] Helene Grimaud, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, David Zinman Erato 0630 19571-2 706301957127
Rhapsody in Blue, etc. [For Piano Concerto in F] Earl Wild, Boston Pops Orchestra, Arthur Fiedler RCA Victor 09026-68792-2 090266879229
Gershwin [for Rhapsody in Blue] Michael Tilson Thomas, Los Angeles Philharmonic Sony MK 39699 074643969925

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