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Capital Public Radio Network

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Capital Public Radio Network provides high quality, credible, timely and thoughtful coverage of state government in Sacramento.

Connecting you to the Capitol

  • Award winning journalism provided by experienced, full-time public radio reporters.
  • The news of the day, plus enterprise reporting from California's Capitol, all in flexible content form.
  • Voiced spots, cuts and scripts each weekday, as well as regular long-form content, including features and newsmaker interviews. It all adds up to more than 800 stories a year!
  • Coverage of the Environment, Heathcare, Education, California business and multimedia documentaries from Capital Public Radio's award winning documentary unit.
  • Special event coverage, including elections and State of the State addresses and more.
  • Daily rundowns so you know what's going on at the Capitol and how we're going to cover it.
  • All content is easily downloadable from a password protected distribution web site.
  • All audio, text and multimedia content can be placed on your station's web site.

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KHSU 90.5 FM khsu.org

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Burney, CA
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Burney/Redding, CA
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Cambria, CA
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Cayucos, CA
KCBX 91.1 FM kcbx.org

Chester, CA
KCHO 89.7 FM mynspr.org

Chico, CA
KCHO 91.7 FM mynspr.org

China Lake/Ridgecrest, CA
KCRW 101.1 FM kcrw.com

Coos Bay, OR
KSBA 88.5 FM ijpr.org

Davis, CA
KXPR 99.7 FM capradio.org

Dunsmuir, CA
KCHO 91.9 FM mynspr.org

Eugene, OR
KRVM 1280 AM ijpr.org

Fresno, CA
KVPR 89.3 FM kvpr.org

Gorman, CA
KCRW 89.7 FM kcrw.com

Grants Pass, OR
KAGI 930 AM ijpr.org

Groveland, CA
KXSR 91.7 FM capradio.org

Hayfork, CA
KCHO 94.3 FM mynspr.org

Joshua Tree, CA
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Kern, CA
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Klamath Falls, OR
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KSKF 90.9 FM ijpr.org

Lemon Grove/Spring Valley, CA
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Lompoc, CA
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Los Angeles, CA
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KUSC 91.5 FM kusc.org

Los Gatos and Saratoga, CA
KOSC 90.3 FM kdfc.org

Mendocino, CA
KPMO 1300 AM ijpr.org

Merced, CA
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Mineral, CA
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Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo, CA
KESC 99.7 FM kusc.org

Mt. Shasta, CA
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Myrtle Point, OR
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Napa, CA
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Ojai, CA
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Oroville, CA
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Palm Springs, CA
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Pasadena, CA
KPCC 89.3 FM scpr.org

Paso Robles-Salinas, CA
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Philo, CA
KZYX 90.7 FM kzyx.org

Quincy, CA
KQNC 88.1 FM capradio.org

Redding, CA
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KJPR 1300 AM ijpr.org

Redlands, CA
KPCC 89.1 FM scpr.org

Rio Dell, CA
KNHT 107.3 FM ijpr.org

Roseburg, OR
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KTBR 950 AM ijpr.org

Sacramento, CA
KXJZ 90.9 FM capradio.org
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San Bernardino, CA
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San Diego, CA
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Santa Barbara, CA
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KCRW 106.9 FM kcrw.com
KQSC 88.7 FM kusc.org
KSBX 89.5 FM kcbx.org

Santa Cruz, CA
KUSP 88.9 FM kusp.org

Santa Paula, CA
KCRW 102.3 FM kcrw.com

Santa Rosa, CA
KRCB 91.1 FM krcb.org

Santa Ynez, CA
KCBX 90.9 FM kcbx.org

Seaside, CA
KAZU 90.3 FM kazu.org

South Lake Tahoe, CA
KKTO 90.1 FM capradio.org
KXJZ 88.1 FM capradio.org

Stockton-Modesto, CA
KUOP 91.3 FM capradio.org

Susanville, CA
KCHO 90.7 FM mynspr.org

Sutter, CA
KXJS 88.7 FM capradio.org

Tahoe, CA
KKTO 90.5 FM capradio.org

Talent, OR
KSJK 1230 AM ijpr.org

Thousand Oaks, CA
KCLU 88.3 FM kclu.org
KDSC 91.1 FM kusc.org

Truckee, CA
KKTO 90.9 FM capradio.org

Ukiah-Lakeport, CA
KDFC 92.5 FM kdfc.org

Ventura, CA
KCRU 89.1 FM kcrw.com

Weaverville, CA
KCHO 89.5 FM mynspr.org

Yreka, CA
KCHO 90.7 FM mynspr.org
KNYR 91.3 FM ijpr.org
KSYC 1490 AM ijpr.org


“[CPRN] has filled a critical hole in KCLU's coverage for our listeners. We had the outstanding international and national coverage of NPR, and our own local coverage of California's South Coast, but struggled to provide comprehensive coverage of Sacramento. With the state budget crisis, California's role in environmentalism, and of course a high-profile governor, CPRN has filled that important gap with timely, well reported coverage featuring lots of excellent sound.

Thanks to CPRN, we've even added three additional daily newscasts, bringing our total to 12 a day.

We now clobber everyone else in our market, even our commercial competitors, with our state coverage, thanks to CPRN!”

–Lance Orozco
News Director, KCLU

“Capital Public Radio fills a need and a niche for KPBS. We not only get Sacramento coverage of issues and stories with statewide significance, but we also get coverage of stories that show how state politics works...or doesn’t.

It’s a valuable service for us...five days a week, and sometimes six.

Moreover, it helps to have surrogate eyes and ears observing state government on behalf of the people of San Diego and Imperial Counties. The CPR Sacramento Bureau has been very responsive to our requests for customized reports.”

–Mike Marcotte
Former KPBS News Director

“We’ve been a subscriber to the service for many years, and the content and quality has been a tremendous benefit to our newsroom at Jefferson Public Radio. The sheer size of California, as well as the size of its government, makes it very challenging to cover adequately, especially from far away Ashland, Oregon. Your staff has always been well-educated about the issues, dedicated to clear and concise writing, and able to provide very timely reports on a daily basis. Both the daily spot pieces and the frequent features have been put to good use on our daily newsmagazine, The Jefferson Daily, and during our 10-minute morning newscast.”

–Eric Teel
Program Director, Jefferson Public Radio


Capital Public Radio Network
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