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Volunteer at Capital Public Radio!

Love Capital Public Radio? Passionate about groundbreaking community and world-wide news coverage? Curious what's going on in the world of Classical and Jazz music? Volunteer at Capital Public Radio! Some of our volunteers even go on to pursue their volunteer areas professionally, so whether you're interested in a radio broadcasting career or just want to get involved, Capital Public Radio is the perfect place to volunteer your time and energy.  At Capital Public Radio we love volunteers, and we couldn't make this place run without them.  Station volunteers contribute more than 4,000 hours each year, with nearly half of that time during on-air fund drives.

Why Volunteer at Capital Public Radio?

  • Discover what goes on at Capital Public Radio behind the scenes
  • Support Capital Public Radio's Mission
  • Meet others who are passionate about news and information, classical and jazz music
  • Gain valuable, hands-on experience
  • Network with professionals and other volunteers
  • Attend special events free of charge in exchange for volunteering your time
  • Receive a free station branded volunteer shirt

When can I volunteer?

Volunteer opportunities are available throughout the year, with our busiest times during fund drives and the 6 weeks following. Volunteers are notified by email when we have available projects. If the suggested project and timeframe work for you, just respond to our email and we’ll put you on the schedule.

What kind of projects do volunteers do?

Run the Letter Folder and Stuff Letters into Envelopes:  It happens every week: listeners kindly send donations, and the Member Services staff print acknowledgement letters for them. Are you detail oriented? Willing to spend some quality time with stacks of paper? We’d love your help preparing thank you letters to mail.

Handwrite Thank You Notes: Have nice handwriting? Or pretty good handwriting when you try? Do you think the art of a simple handwritten note is still important? We think so, too. Work directly with our Member Services staff to write personal thank you notes to donors. We’ll provide some suggested language and materials needed.

Update Addresses in our Member Database: Have you heard that 25% of the general population moves each year? While we can’t substantiate that statistic, we can tell you that we updated or changed nearly 10,000 addresses on our member roster last year. And volunteers helped us do that! We currently have a steady volunteer helping with the project, but if you’d be interested in helping us this way in the future, please get on our Volunteer List.

Community Outreach and Events: Capital Public Radio hosts various events throughout the year such as community forums, lectures, concerts and donor stewardship events. Outreach volunteers are also needed to staff information tables at a range of community events and festivals, such as the Pacific Rim Festival and the Sacramento Music Festival. Volunteers at these events ensure that our visitors and donors have a pleasant experience. Are you passionate about the mission and vision of Capital Public Radio? Do you enjoy providing customer service and have positive communication skills? Are you comfortable in a fast paced, possibly crowded environment? Then volunteering at outreach events may be for you!

How do I get on the Volunteer list?

 Think volunteering with Capital Public Radio would be fun? Please fill out the volunteer application and provide a working email address. As projects and special opportunities arise we will be emailing you to find out if you are interested and available. You must be 18 years old to volunteer.

How Do I Apply?

Simply fill out our online application form and you will be added to our volunteer email list. As soon as a project comes up, you’ll be notified.