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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Kiefer's Catharsis & Hood's Happiness

In this edition of the Hey, Listen! Quasi-Regular Podcast you'll find a two-fer of Country Catharsis. Patterson Hood (of The Drive By Truckers) and author/musician Christian Kiefer each chat about music and happiness.


Reading Recommendations from Christian Kiefer

Christian's Kiefer is a noted author as well as a musician and when he appearerd on The Guest List this week I asked about what he's been reading lately. That portion didn't make it into the audio so the novels Kiefer suggests you check out are listed below, along witha few of his thoughts.

/media/7728403/Tallent-Medocino%20Fire.jpg  Elizabeth Tallent Medocino Fire
  This is Tallent's first book of short stories in 20 years.

/media/7728391/Spurgeon-Let%20the%20Water%20Hold%20Me%20Down.jpg  Michael Spurgeon - Let The Water Hold Me Down
 "I think anyone, especially in Sacramento who  hasn't 
  read [his] book, should read it immediately.  It's 
  beautiful and challenging and lovely." 


/media/7728367/Abraham-Tina.jpg  Lois Ann Abraham - Tina Goes to Heaven
  "...and while we're talking about locals...it's funny
  and horrifying and beautiful and dangerous..."

Max Porter - Grief is The Thing With Feathers
"It's told in very short chapters, one or two pages
  long. It's about a scholar of poet Ted Hughes whose
  wife dies and he's left to raise his children on his
  own. The figure who comes to help is Crow from
  Hughes' poetry. A poetic persona that Ted Hughes
  took on. Crow is a trickster and kind of a pain in the ass (can I say 'ass' on the radio?) It's a remarkable book, weird and funny, heartwarming and in the end very cathartic."

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