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Thursday, May 9, 2019 Permalink

Excellence In Jazz Playlist, May 9, 2019



7:00 p.m.
7:00 p.m.
Carlos Barbosa-Lima: Samba Do Aviao BUY from Delicado
7:03 p.m.
Carlos Barbosa-Lima: A Felicidade BUY from Delicado
7:09 p.m.
Jane Monheit: Just Squeeze Me BUY from In The Sun
7:13 p.m.
Art Blakey: Along Came Betty BUY from Jazz Profile: Art Blakey
7:19 p.m.
Kenny Burrell: Satin Doll BUY from Lotus Blossom
7:21 p.m.
JD Allen: If You Could See Me Now BUY from Bloom
7:25 p.m.
Gary Peacock: Spartacus BUY from Tangents
7:34 p.m.
Sarah McKenzie: You Only Live Twice BUY from Secrets Of My Heart
7:38 p.m.
Akira Tana: Summer BUY from Love's Radiance (Ai San San)
7:43 p.m.
Greg Reitan: Momentum BUY from West 60th
7:46 p.m.
Jim Snidero: I Fall In Love Too Easily BUY from Waves Of Calm
7:54 p.m.
Mary Stallings: Lover Man BUY from Songs Were Made To Sing
7:58 p.m.
Scott Robinson: Put On A Happy Face BUY from Tenormore
8:00 p.m.
8:06 p.m.
Alvin Queen: Nightengale BUY from Tribute To Oscar Peterson
8:11 p.m.
Peter Clark: Swansong BUY from The 20-Man Music Machine
8:19 p.m.
Mike LeDonne: After The Rain BUY from Night Song
8:27 p.m.
George Colligan: Christina BUY from Again With Attitude
8:35 p.m.
Gabriel Espinoza: Two After Two BUY from Nostalgias De Mi Vida
8:40 p.m.
Benny Green: Latin America BUY from Then And Now
8:44 p.m.
Chucho Valdés: Ochun (feat. Regina Carter) BUY from Jazz Bata 2
8:52 p.m.
Tom Harrell: Montego Bay BUY from Moving Picture
8:56 p.m.
Josh Lawrence: We're Happiest Together BUY from Triptych
9:00 p.m.
9:01 p.m.
Stefon Harris: Chasin' Kendall BUY from Sonic Creed
9:09 p.m.
Christian Sands: Rebel Music BUY from Facing Dragons
9:14 p.m.
Chip White: The First Snow BUY from New Dedications And Latin Moods
9:19 p.m.
Carlos Barbosa-Lima: Samba De Orfeu BUY from Delicado
9:23 p.m.
Holly Cole: Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime BUY from Holly
9:27 p.m.
Joshua Redman: Circle Of Life BUY from Come What May
9:35 p.m.
Nick Maclean: Cantaloupe Island BUY from Rites Of Ascension
9:40 p.m.
Aaron Goldberg: Effendi BUY from At The Edge Of The World
9:45 p.m.
Doug Webb: Last Train to Georgia BUY from Fast Friends
9:50 p.m.
Scott Routenberg: Bebop Baby BUY from Supermoon
9:55 p.m.
George Colligan: Again With Attitude BUY from Again With Attitude
10:00 p.m.
10:01 p.m.
Miles Davis: So What BUY from Kind Of Blue (Legacy Edition)
10:10 p.m.
Allan Harris: So What BUY from The Genius Of Eddie Jefferson
10:14 p.m.
Roberta Piket: Humpty Dumpty BUY from West Coast Trio
10:21 p.m.
Ken Wiley: Gato Magico BUY from Cuerno Exotica
10:26 p.m.
Steve Hobbs: Millie BUY from Tribute To Bobby
10:34 p.m.
Akira Tana: Jangada (feat. Claudia Villela) BUY from JAZZaNOVA
10:39 p.m.
Steven Kroon: The Gift BUY from In Your Dreams
10:45 p.m.
Ken Fowser: Divided State BUY from Don't Look Down

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