Bipartisan Group Of Legislators Call for Drought Declaration

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, January 16, 2014

Almostt a thousand people poured onto the Capitol steps by the busload shouting “agua” and “water”.

They held signs that read “no water equals no jobs”.

“It’s time for Sacramento to declare a drought," says Democratic Assembly member Henry Perea, who represents parts of the Central Valley including Fresno. "We need the resources that will be made available through that declaration to move water around to the parts of the state that desperately need them.”

The groups also want to see a bond placed on the 2014 ballot for water storage, clean drinking water and flood protection.

Republican State Senator Anthony Canella from the Central Valley says increased water storage should be part of the water bond package.

“When we don’t have enough water, farmers don’t farm, workers don’t work and people don’t eat," says Republican State Senator Anthony Canella who also represents parts of the Central Valley. 

"California’s agriculture is bigger than just California it feeds the world. So it’s important that we invest in water in California, it’s important that we get this bond passed and it’s important that we keep water in the water bond,” says Canella.

Lawmakers have twice delayed placing an $11 billion water bond on the ballot. They’ll consider two smaller water bond proposals this session.


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