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Saturday, August 30, 2014 Permalink

Blue Dog Jam - Aug.30th - TASK1ne In-Studio



7:00 p.m.
7:00 p.m.
Wildcat Wildcat: Garden Grays BUY from No Moon at All
7:03 p.m.
Appetite: Tussy BUY from Scattered Smothered Covered
7:07 p.m.
Blonde Redhead: Dripping BUY from Barragan
7:11 p.m.
Ty Segall: The Faker BUY from Manipulator
7:16 p.m.
Cold Specks: Bodies at Bay BUY from Neuroplasticity
7:19 p.m.
Kinks: Brainwashed BUY from Arthur or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire (reissue)
7:23 p.m.
Half Japanese: Brave Enough BUY from Overjoyed
7:27 p.m.
Ted Leo + the Pharmacists: Me And Mia BUY from Shake the Sheets
7:30 p.m.
Tele Novella: Stephanie Says BUY from I Saved Latin! A Tribute to Wes Anderson
7:33 p.m.
Crash Test Dummies: The Ghosts That Haunt Me BUY from The Ghosts That Haunt Me
7:38 p.m.
Bob Forrest: Saint Dude BUY from Song Reader; composed by Beck
7:42 p.m.
Spider Bags: Coffin Car BUY from Frozen Letter
7:48 p.m.
Ephemerals: I'm Your Man BUY from Nothin Is Easy
7:52 p.m.
David Byrne and Brian Eno: One Fine Day BUY from Everything That Happens Will Happen Today
8:00 p.m.
8:00 p.m.
TASK1ne & Nick Brunner: INTERVIEW - Taskmaster from Studio 7055: TASK1ne
8:01 p.m.
TASK1ne: Hey You (What's That Sound) (LIVE) from Studio 7055: TASK1ne
8:05 p.m.
TASK1ne & Nick Brunner: INTERVIEW - Tee-Ay-Ess-Kay from Studio 7055: TASK1ne
8:07 p.m.
TASK1ne: Rock & Roll (LIVE) from Studio 7055: TASK1ne
8:10 p.m.
TASK1ne: INTERVIEW - Anything But... from Studio 7055: TASK1ne
8:13 p.m.
TASK1ne: Samuel L. Jackson (LIVE) from Studio 7055: TASK1ne
8:16 p.m.
TASK1ne & Nick Brunner: INTERVIEW - The Mirror from Studio 7055: TASK1ne
8:18 p.m.
Task1ne: The Mirror (prod. by Sauce Fonda) BUY from Verses the World 2: Championship Edition
8:21 p.m.
TASK1ne: INTERVIEW - Heisenberg's Origins from Studio 7055: TASK1ne
8:23 p.m.
TASK1ne: Heisenberg (LIVE) from Studio 7055: TASK1ne
8:27 p.m.
The Muffs: Weird Boy Next Door BUY from Whoop Dee Doo
8:30 p.m.
Yo La Tengo: Ohm BUY from Fade
8:37 p.m.
The Apples in Stereo: Winter Must Be Cold BUY from Fun Trick Noisemaker
8:40 p.m.
Bishop Allen: Start Again BUY from Lights Out
8:44 p.m.
Dengue Fever: Uku BUY from Cannibal Courtship
8:49 p.m.
Wild Flag: Romance BUY from Wild Flag
8:53 p.m.
Shabazz Palaces: Forerunner Foray BUY from Lese Majesty
8:58 p.m.
The New Pornographers: Brill Bruisers BUY from Brill Bruisers
9:00 p.m.
9:01 p.m.
Pokey Lafarge: Central Time from Pokey Lafarge
9:04 p.m.
The Rosebuds: Sand + Silence BUY from Sand + Silence
9:10 p.m.
Octopus Project: Death Graduates BUY from Fever Forms
9:14 p.m.
Radiohead: Airbag BUY from OK Computer
9:18 p.m.
PJ Harvey: The Words That Maketh Murder BUY from Let England Shake
9:22 p.m.
Human Highway: The Sound BUY from Moody Motorcycle
9:25 p.m.
Lou Reed: Satellite of Love BUY from Transformer
9:29 p.m.
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! BUY from Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!
9:33 p.m.
Femi Kuti: Nothing to Show for It BUY from No Place for My Dream
9:36 p.m.
James Brown: There It Is, Pts. 1 & 2 BUY from Make It Funky - The Big Payback: 1971-1975
9:42 p.m.
Poets of Rhythm: Ham Gallery BUY from Anthology 1992-2003
9:46 p.m.
William Onyeabor: Good Name (Radio Edit) BUY from Who Is William Onyeabor?
9:50 p.m.
LCD Soundsystem: Watch The Tapes BUY from Sound of Silver
9:54 p.m.
The Flaming Lips: Do You Realize?? BUY from Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots