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Hidden Hunger

Interactive Map: Food Access, Food Assistance Resources

Friday, December 5, 2014 | Permalink
South Sacramento Food Distribution Sites Data provided by the Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services. All other data provided by Sacramento Food Atlas, Sacramento State University, Geographic 163 (Spring 2014). *Note: As reported in The View From Here: Hidden Hunger, The Avenues neighborhood is a food a desert. However, it is not depicted in this particular food desert map because it only shows Sacramento city limits. The Avenues is outside of that.
*Icon Credits:  Fellipe Camara / The Noun Project, Iconathon / The Noun Project, Cezar de Costa / The Noun Project

1204 Food Deserts

Possible Food Deserts in the City of Sacramento: Data on this map was used in the Food Access, Food Assistance Resources Interactive Map. 
Info taken from Sacramento Food Atlas:
"Maps depicting food deserts are under attack. Much of this attack is warranted due to the coarse geographic scale (census tracts that are used for the analysis, the lack of understanding how people use transportation networks to get their food, and the overwhelming focus on supermarkets as the way to define non-deserts. Still, food desert maps ... may offer some insight into areas that are poorly served by supermarkets."
This map depicts supermarkets (black dots) and a half mile walking distance buffer (green) that surrounds each supermarket. The blue area outside of the green buffer are areas that have good bus access. Outside of these areas are where deserts may exist within the city of Sacramento.
Considerations: Density not incorporated into this map.
Source: Sacramento Food Atlas by Sacramento State University, Geography 163 (Spring 2014). 

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