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Monday, May 16, 2016 Permalink

Thirsty Planet

Airs in place of Insight on Monday May 16 t 9 a.m. and 7 p.m.
Persistent drought in California and the Southwest has many Americans paying attention to water scarcity for the first time in their lives. But for billions of people around the globe, the daily struggle to get water for drinking or for growing food is an all-consuming burden. 

India, a vast and ecologically diverse country, suffers from water problems found across the globe: flooding, drought, pollution and lack of access by the poor. 

In Israel, a combination of cutting-edge technology and sweeping government policy has largely solved the nation's long struggle with water security. But the benefits of abundant water are not shared equally by Israel and Palestinians in the West Bank. 

The United Nations reports that some 800 million people do not have reliable access to safe water. By the middle of this century, climate change and population growth — along with increased demand from agriculture and industry — are expected to boost the amount of water needed by more than 50 percent. Experts say water scarcity is not inevitable.

The United Nations, as well as many individual countries, ARE preparing for a water-stressed future. Activists worry that the pace of reform is too slow. While Israel's strategies offer hope, some caution that they won't work everywhere. But without significant, global change in the way we use water, all indications warn that ours will be a very thirsty planet.


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