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California Congressional seats that were solidly Republican are suddenly up for grabs. Capital Public Radio's Keys to the House follows the battleground races and themes that could determine which party controls the House of Representatives.

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Monday, June 11, 2018

Republicans Hold Back Blue Wave, But Democrats Avoid Shutouts In California Primary

Congressional Democrats successfully avoided a shutout from competitive primary races in California. But Republicans also walked away with their own advantages going into the general election.

Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

A voter fills out her California primary ballot at a North Natomas Library voting station on June 5, 2018.

Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

California's contentious congressional races in Southern California brought in millions of dollars in campaign spending from national Democratic organizations that previously ignored these districts.

Host Ben Bradford asks political strategists whether the choice to spend big bucks paid off. Experts also talk about the "political chess game" that the parties played in order to succeed under California's "top-two" primary system. And they weigh in on each party’s advantages and challenges going into the general election.


Christine Mai-Duc
Political Reporter
LA Times

Darry Sragow
Attorney/Former Democratic Political Strategist

Katie Merrill
Democratic Political Strategist
Take Back California

Jen Jacobs
Republican Political Strategist

Scott Lay
"Around The Capitol" newsletter

Paul Mitchell
Vice President
Political Data, Inc.