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Earlier this year, NPR announced it is discontinuing production of the popular call-in show, Talk of the Nation as of June 27, 2013. Talk of the Nation aired on Capital Public Radio’s News Station Monday through Friday at 11:00 a.m. Because of this change by NPR, Capital Public Radio is adding three compelling new programs to our News Station and changing the line-up between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Starting July 1, 2013, Insight with Beth Ruyak will move to 9:00 a.m. in order to better continue the big stories from Morning Edition and keep listeners up to date with the news of the day from around our region.  At 10:00 a.m., we’ll broadcast public radio’s newest daily news magazine Here and Now, hosted by Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson.  At noon, we’ll have a rotation of programs including TED Radio Hour on Monday, America’s Test Kitchen on Tuesday, Radiolab on Wednesday and This American Life on Thursday. Science Friday will continue to be heard every Friday at 11:00 a.m.  Finally, Fresh Air moves to 1:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  

“Anytime we have the opportunity to offer a new program it’s really exciting. America’s Test Kitchen, for example, is a show we’ve been interested in for a while.  It’s a great fit for our farm-to-fork region.”    --  Rick Eytcheson, Capital Public Radio President and CEO

There will be no changes made to the schedule on Capital Public Radio’s Music Station.



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New Schedule      New Program Descriptions



InsightMonday – Friday 9 am

Capital Public Radio’s live, daily interview program informs and entertains with compelling, timely and civil conversation. Using sound journalistic principles, Insight illuminates the big ideas and issues confronting our communities, and reflects the arts and culture of our region. Host Beth Ruyak has authentic, memorable conversations that show our region’s diverse voices and heart.
Insight is produced by Capital Public Radio. More information may be found at www.capradio.org/insight

Hereandnow _logoMonday – Friday 10 am

Here! Now! In the moment! Paddling in the middle of a fast moving stream of news and information. Here & Now is Public Radio’s daily news magazine, bringing you the news that breaks after Morning Edition and before All Things Considered.

A gifted journalist, Robin Young is a superb interviewer and versatile host who can go deep on the Syria crisis and then pivot to heartfelt, probing human interviews. She’s a Peabody Award-winning documentary filmmaker, and has been at the helm of Here & Now for a decade. Co-host Jeremy Hobson joins Here & Now from his role hosting the Marketplace Morning Report. Adept at taking complex news and making it comprehensible and engaging for listeners, Jeremy will be an equal partner with Robin Young, bringing his trademark candor and energy to the program.

Here & Now is a co-production between NPR and WBUR. More information may be found at www.capradio.org/hearandnow

Freshair _logoMonday – Friday 1 pm

Fresh Air has been heard on our air for many years and will now be moving to 1 pm Monday through Friday. Fresh Air with Terry Gross, the Peabody Award-winning weekday magazine of contemporary arts and issues, is one of public radio’s most popular programs. Though Fresh Air has been categorized as a “talk show,” it hardly fits the mold. Its 1994 Peabody Award citation credits Fresh Air with “probing questions, revelatory interviews and unusual insights.” And a variety of top publications count Terry Gross among the country’s leading interviewers. The show gives interviews as much time as needed and complements them with comments from well-known critics and commentators.

Fresh Air will be broadcast Monday – Friday at its new time of 1 pm. Fresh Air is produced by WHYY in Philadelphia and broadcast nationally by NPR. More information may be found at www.capradio.org/freshair

ScifriFriday 11 am

Science Friday is a weekly science talk show that we have broadcast for many years and is unchanged in its time slot. If you haven’t heard it yet, give it a listen and see what you think!

Each week, Science Friday focuses on science topics that are in the news and brings an educated, balanced discussion to bear on the scientific issues at hand. Panels of expert guests join Science Friday’s host, Ira Flatow, a veteran science journalist, to discuss science - and to take questions from listeners during the call-in portion of the program.

Science Friday will be broadcast every Friday at 11 am. More information may be found at www.capradio.org/sciencefriday

TEDMonday 12 pm

An idea is the one gift that you can hang onto even after you’ve given it away. The TED Radio Hour, hosted by Guy Raz, is a journey through fascinating ideas: astonishing inventions, fresh approaches to old problems, new ways to think and create.  Based on “talks” given by riveting speakers on the world-renowned TED stage, each show is centered on a common theme such as the source of
happiness, crowd-sourcing innovation, power shifts, or inexplicable connections – and injects soundscapes and conversation that bring these ideas to life.

TED Radio Hour is a co-production of NPR and TED. The TED Radio Hour will be broadcast every Monday at noon. More information may be found at www.capradio.org/tedradiohour

ATK_Radio _logoTuesday 12 pm

Food has become a national obsession and with it a multitude of flashy programs, magazines, books and blogs – ranging from pure entertainment to celebrity showcases.  Yet they aren’t much help to the everyday cook.  

Nobody makes cooking and food more fun and accessible than Christopher Kimball, host of America’s Test Kitchen Radio. This program is filled with clear, practical information, without the gourmet fuss. The hour is all about insights, tips, and techniques that illuminate the truth about real home cooking.  Chris will introduce you to an eclectic collection of test cooks and food experts from the Test Kitchen and people who have unique and useful perspectives with rich stories to tell about cooking and food.

America’s Test Kitchen Radio will be broadcast every Tuesday at noon. More information may be found at www.capradio.org/americastestkitchen

RL_logoWednesday 12 pm

RADIOLAB is an innovative, Peabody Award-winning public radio sensation about wonder, discovery and big ideas. Co-hosted by veteran science reporter Robert Krulwich and McArthur “Genius” Jad Abumrad, the show tackles topics as diverse as why people see different colors in the same place, what machines can reveal about humanity, and why people get stressed out in a supermarket line.  

RADIOLAB has been broadcast regularly on Friday since 2012. We hope you will enjoy its new time slot at noon each Wednesday. RADIOLAB is a production of WYNC. More information may be found at www.capradio.org/radiolab

TALThursday 12 pm

If you’ve never heard This American Life, it’s difficult to describe. So usually, they just say what it’s not. It’s not a news show or a talk show or a call-in show. They tell stories that are like movies for radio. There are funny moments, emotional moments, moments where the people in the story say interesting, surprising things about it all. It is a documentary show for people who normally hate documentaries. “A public radio show for people who don’t necessarily care for public radio.”

This American Life started in 1995 in Chicago and in the years since, has won many awards including the Peabody, and the duPont-Columbia. Ira Glass, the host of the show, was named best radio host in the country by Time Magazine and received the highest individual honor in public broadcasting, the Edward R. Murrow Award. The American Journalism Review declared that the show is at “the vanguard of a journalistic revolution.”

This American Life is broadcast every Saturday at noon and 6 pm, and is re-broadcast Thursday at noon. It is a production of Chicago Public Radio and is distributed by PRI. More information may be found at www.capradio.org/thisamericanlife