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October 2015 book selection

The Pizza Bible

by Tony Gemignani


Posts About The Pizza Bible 

October 7, 2015

October is National Pizza Month, and boy, are we going to celebrate.

Tony Gemignani, author of The Pizza Bible, will talk with Donna Apidone with the backdrop of CapRadio’s fabulous new garden. Whatever else you had planned for 6pm on the night of October 13th, cancel it, and come join us at the Capital Public Radio studios for pizza, conversation, wine and music. 

We still have tickets available, and you know you want to be with us. By 8 o’clock that night, you'll have all the secrets to making great pizza at home. You can even have Tony autograph your book, so you will be inspired when you create your own pie in your kitchen. 

I'll be making some little Italian cookies for you as well. Can't wait to see you there. 

September 30, 2015

Tony Gemignani, author of The Pizza Bible and 11-time World Champion Pizza Maker, shows his respect in his cooking and in his writing. The Pizza Bible, which is CapRadio Reads’ October selection, teaches us all how to respect the craft of pizza making. Tony removes the mystery and keeps the magic.
The pizzas featured in his book are not all easy to construct, but if you follow the instructions and use the suggested ingredients, you will end up with a pizza as good as any you have had, and I've had quite a few.
With a rather famous resident of Rome traveling in our country last week, it is especially timely to note Tony's Pizza Romana.  It's a very large pizza, and his technique for baking it in two halves in the oven makes it possible to make your own and end up with a WOW presentation.
Even if you never make a single pizza out of this book, it is an interesting read, has beautiful pictures and may give you some new ideas on what makes a pizza. 
Enjoy a taste of Tony Gemignani's pizzas, meatballs and more as the chef answers questions from our own Donna Apidone. Join us on Tuesday, October 13 at 6 p.m. at Capital Public Radio. 

In Conversation with Donna Apidone

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