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April 2017 book selection

Posts About A Dictionary Of Mutual Understanding 

March 22, 2017 | Vicki Lorini

A Dictionary Of Mutual Understanding, our pick for April by Jackie Copleton, is a book about secrets.  Starting with the appearance of a badly disfigured man, claiming to be the grandson of Amaterasu Takahashi, a survivor of that long ago and terrible day when Nagasaki was bombed, the secrets slowly come pouring out.  This book will move you, but also make you ponder so many questions. What does it mean to accept someone as your family, even if you can't prove their identity. How do you define your own life? is it by family, friends or ideas you can't part with?

As you read this wonderful and dramatic book, I know you will find yourself asking many questions.  Come join us on Tuesday, April 11, at either 2pm or 6pm and we will try to answer your questions and ask even more.

March 15, 2017 | Vicki Lorini

For our April selection, I have chosen a small, but important book.  Jackie Copleton’s  A Dictionary Of Mutual Understanding is a little bit about the terrible day, 77 years ago, in Nagasaki, and a lot about the aftermath in one particular family.  it is hard to imagine that the people in Nagasaki that day, woke up just like any other day, and fed their families, went shopping, fell in love and had secrets.  As the book begins, we see the result of that day on one man, a stranger, who has knocked on a door in Pennsylvania.

Please join us on April 11, at either 2pm or 6pm, to discuss this thoughtful and heartbreaking book. 

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