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It's a Coup.  We know that. Where else on the dial does this list of music you're jamming to appear? Think about music radio. Do commercial entities spouting phrases like "Today's Best Hits" or "Classic Rooooooock" provide you with a thought-provoking mix or is it maybe just pablum, keeping you listening just long enough to hear the next advertisement?

DJ Curated Shows have become rare birds. And here we sit: Your own private archaeopteryx.  Al you have to do is feed it a little bit...once a year.


Alright folks. It's the magic hour. The time where a pair of do-gooder NPR lovin' public radio heads remind you where this blend comes from.  But you know that already. You're invested, so invest in Blue Dog Jam. Right Here.

Recent Shows

Apr 12  Blue Dog Jam - 456

New tracks by Dana Falconberry, Future Islands and The Men!

Apr 05  Son of Fund Dog Jam

The one where we remind you what It is. | 1-800-800-5867

Mar 29  Blue Dog Jam - Hey there, Devin here...

I'm here because Nick isn't. If you're happy about that, follow me @CapRadioDevin. If you're not happy about that, Nick will be back next week. Until then...

Mar 22  Blue Dog Jam - Hates Yr. Technology

3,000,000,000 Technical Issues Don't Stop No Show.

Mar 15  Blue Dog Jam - Tom Brosseau & Shelby Earl

Hard traveling troubadours Tom Brosseau & Shelby Earl join us in-studio this weekend for conversation and song.

Mar 08  Blue Dog Jam - BOATS! In-Studio

Meet Matt Leonardo, David Hayden & Adam Jennings. They are Sacramento punk band BOATS! and they're in-studio to play songs and talk about getting Green Day's attention.

Mar 01  Blue Dog Jam - LAMES IT UP


Feb 22  Blue Dog Jam - A Long Drive Inside A Car

An a hun'erd miles is a long drive inside a car, 200 Miles is a long drive inside a car, 300 miles is a long drive inside a car, 400 miles is a long drive inside a car, 500 miles is a REAL LONG DRIVE IN A CAR... This is episode 449

Feb 15  Phaaaaaaan-to-gram!

This weekend a preview of Phantogram's new record, Sacramento's Family Photo and De La Soul give away the farm.

Feb 08  Live @7055 - PREGNANT

Daniel Trudeau, Daniel Ramirez and Molly "Daniel" Raney are in the studio for a performance and discussion on PREGNANT's upcoming UK tour.
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