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Pesticide Regulators Say Little Or No Residue Found On Most California Produce


The vast majority of California fruits and vegetables that the state tested for pesticide residue in 2016 met safety standards. That's according to the state Department of Pesticide Regulation.

"That does not mean that there is no pesticide whatsoever," said Charlotte Fadipe with DPR.

Fadipe said the federal government allows fruits and vegetables to contain a certain amount of pesticide residue. And that's what the DPR considers the legal level.

"We had about 57 percent that fell within the legal residue and about 39 percent that had no residue whatsoever," Fadipe said.

"We did have a small amount that contained illegal residue," she said. "Usually it's from food that is imported from China or other countries. But even then it's still only a very small amount."

Specifically, it was 4 percent that tested positive for illegal levels of residue.

Produce that most frequently went over the legal limit included ginger and Lichti nuts from China, cactus pads from Mexico, bok choy from the U.S., and snow peas from Guatemala. The survey is based on a year-round collection of nearly 3,600 produce samples.

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