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Stories related to: health

Capital Public Radio / File


Expect More 'Spare The Air' Alerts In Sacramento

April 27, 2016 | Ed Joyce

More "Spare The Air" alerts may be issued this year in the Sacramento region because the Environmental Protection Agency has lowered the federal ozone health standard.

Insight With Beth Ruyak

News Network: Senate Seat Debate Update

April 26, 2016

Three Republicans and two Democrats faced off in a debate for California’s first open U.S. Senate seat since 1992. Capital Public Radio’s state government reporter Ben Bradford joins Insight to share highlights from the debate.

Capital Public Radio / File


Report: California Has Nation's Dirtiest Air

April 20, 2016 | Ed Joyce

The American Lung Association "State of the Air 2016" report gives failing grades to communities in the Central Valley's farming region and the Los Angeles area. It also says climate change is a growing threat to air quality in California.

Dr. Edwin P. Ewing, Jr. / CDC

Measles Scare Spreads To Amador, Calaveras Counties

April 6, 2016 | Steve Milne

Calaveras and Amador county health officials say they're working to ensure no local people were infected with measles after a Nevada County child diagnosed with the disease traveled through the area.

USFWS / Courtesy


Bill Would Restrict Some Rat Poisons In California

April 6, 2016 | Ed Joyce

A bill introduced in the California Assembly would ban certain rat and mouse poisons that harm people and wildlife.

Insight With Beth Ruyak

Scientists Looking At Adult Stem Cells For Possible Huntington's Disease Treatments

March 22, 2016

UC Davis scientists are looking at ways to treat Huntington's Disease by engineering adult stem cells. Dr. Vicki Wheelock was on Insight to talk about her team's research.

Denise Chan / Flickr

Insight With Beth Ruyak

A Look At Diabetes County-By-County

March 10, 2016

Executive director of the California Center for Public Health Advocacy joins Insight to discuss the health implications of diabetes as well as policy recommendations.

Andrew Nixon/CapRadio

UOP: Energy Drinks Trigger Abnormal Heart Rhythms

March 3, 2016 | Steve Milne

A clinical trial led by researchers at University of the Pacific in Stockton adds to the evidence that energy drinks may be bad for you.

Stock / Capital Public Radio

Doctors Studying High Thyroid Cancer Rates In Gold Country

February 16, 2016 | Steve Milne

Researchers say some foothill communities in the Sacramento region have rates of advanced thyroid cancer well above the national average. They’re looking at possible environmental links.

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