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New Program Will Give Homeowners Greater Security While On Vacation

City Of Modesto

City Of Modesto

Modesto homeowners can now feel safer when they go on vacation.

A new program implemented by the Modesto Police Department will give homeowners greater security while they're on vacation.

Modesto saw almost 1,500 burglaries last year, a rate that is 65 percent higher than the state average for its population.

Modesto Police want to see those numbers come down and now homeowners going on vacation can have their houses checked while they're gone. Volunteers for the Modesto Police Department will check on residents' houses periodically free of charge.

Heather Graves with the Modesto Police Department says people also can help by keeping the house from looking empty.

“So, that’s where the lights on timers, gathering newspapers [comes in]. We want to make sure it looks like it’s lived in, that way you’re not an easy target.”

Fargo says the temptation is to share vacation pictures on social media such as Facebook, but not just your friends will be looking.

“So now you’re advertising you’re away and my house is open for you to come and burglarize.”

Fargo says homeowners can register online a week before their vacation for the security house check.

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