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Halloween Masks: Which Candidate's Face Is More Popular?


Clinton and Trump are poised for another face off…but not in another debate. The masks of the two presidential candidates are hot items for this Halloween.

The Spirit store in Stockton has been busy with customers looking for costumes for Monday.

As always, masks of the presidential candidates have been favorites, and we asked customers whose face they favor.

Sal Jimenez is looking around for costumes and isn't happy with either candiate.

"Well, I wouldn’t be Hillary, haha and I don’t want to get beat up wearing Trump, so haha,” says Jimenez.

Two Hillary masks hang from the wall - the “Surprised Hillary” and “Smiling Hillary.” For Trump there is the “Yelling Candidate.” Reportedly Donald’s name was left out for fear of a lawsuit.

"He’s scary, look at him, his eyebrows are really out there," says Ann Rivera. 

Political mask costumes are traditionally in the funny catagory instead of scary. 

"I think Trump’s mask will be the scariest costume of the year,” says Spirit shopper Serim. 

So far the Spirit Halloween Store reports Trump is outselling Clinton 55 to 45 percent, and since 1996 the top seller has ended up in the Oval Office -- that is, if you take that at face value.

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Rich Ibarra

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