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Legislature Moves California Gun Control Bills Forward

Ben Adler / Capital Public Radio file

Assembly Democrats display some firearms that would be affected by legislation at a gun control press conference.

Ben Adler / Capital Public Radio file

Two days after the deadliest mass shooting in American history, California lawmakers have advanced nearly a dozen different gun control bills.

The measures were scheduled for committee hearings Tuesday well before the Orlando shooting. But Sunday’s events framed the discussion.

“It’s very difficult for me to sit here and look at you in the eyes and have respect for you, sir,” Asm. Evan Low (D-Campbell) told the National Rifle Association lobbyist who testified at one of the hearings. “The reason they were murdered was because of your organization.“

The lobbyist, Dan Reid, repeatedly stressed that the proposed bills would only hurt law-abiding citizens.

“Criminals, by their nature, are not going to follow the law,“ Reid said. “And when you hear a bump in the night, you’re going to want to have as much capability as you can to go and possibly protect your family.”

The measures include proposals to regulate ammunition purchases, expand gun violence restraining orders, and limit gun purchases to one per person per month. They now move to another round of committee hearings.


Ben Adler

Capitol Bureau Chief

Capitol Bureau Chief Ben Adler first became a public radio listener in the car on his way to preschool – though not necessarily by choice. Now, he leads Capital Public Radio’s state Capitol coverage, which airs on NPR stations across California.  Read Full Bio 

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