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Candidates Running For San Joaquin County's District 1 Supervisor's Seat

Five candidates are running for the District 1 supervisor's seat in San Joaquin County and it’s a wide open field with no incumbent.

Miguel Villapudua has served for the last eight years on the San Joaquin County Planning Commission.
He says his familiarity with government gives him an advantage over other candidates.
“People want to feel safe, like to see businesses come to our county, make it more business friendly for our county and obviously better paying jobs for working families,” Villapudua says. 
Jennet Stebbins has held office with Stockton Unified School District and Delta College.
She says staying informed about the issues makes her qualified for the job.
“And I’ve taught myself to be concerned about people and to know what those issues are as far as water and county issues, statewide issues,” Stebbins says. 
Ralph White was a Stockton City Councilman for 16 years.
White, a businessman, wants to curb expenses and taxes.
“Overpaying our county employees, we pay them way too much and make sure our taxes stay low,” White says. 
Teacher Angelann Flores wants to focus on crime prevention for youth and the mentally ill.
“I’m a woman of faith and I believe that we have to come together to choose the right people to the people’s needs,” Flores says.
Guvstavo Medina is the legislative director for Assemblywoman Susan Eggman.
Medina says his primary concerns are public safety, protection of our water, and economic development.
“One of the best things we can do is keep our youth off the streets," Medina says. "It’s proactive and over the long run it’s beneficial to our community.” 
The candidates need more than a 50 percent majority to win next week or the top two finishers will face off in November.

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