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Public Health Official Monitor California Mosquitoes For Signs Of Zika Virus

California Department Of Public Health

The Aedes Aegypti also known as the Yellow Fever mosquito.

California Department Of Public Health

The Zika virus has not reached California but the mosquitoes that carry the disease are here already. Specialized traps are being used as an early warning system.

Doctor Vicki Kramer with the California Department of Public Health says so far, no virus has been found in the mosquitoes that showed up in traps.

"It's been found in 12 counties in the Central Valley and the Bay Area and now found in many parts of Southern California and the Central Valley in particular," explains Kramer.

In San Joaquin County 20 traps have been set up in locations where those type of mosquitoes will likely be such as the Port of Stockton, cemeteries, and parks.

"There is extensive surveillance going on throughout the state for these types of mosquitoes, that's why we've detected them in 12 counties but even in the counties where they haven't been found yet, there's ongoing surveillance using specialized traps," says Kramer.

Aaron Devencenzi with San Joaquin County Mosquito Control says these mosquitoes tend to bite during the day.

"These particular mosquitoes tend to like to be around people, so we're asking the public to call in any daytime biting mosquitoes," says Devencenzi.

Kramer says these mosquitoes tend to bite during the day and the public is urged to report them. The Zika virus can cause rashes or fever and is linked to birth defects in pregnant women.

Rich Ibarra

Contributing Central Valley/Foothills Reporter

As the Central Valley correspondent, Rich Ibarra covers San Joaquin, Stanislaus, and Merced counties, along with the foothill areas including Tuolumne and Calaveras counties. He covers politics, the economy and issues affecting the region.   Read Full Bio 

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