Stockton Crime Declined In 2013

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The crime in Stockton dropped significantly in 2013 with double digit declines in homicides and robberies. Police hope for still more reductions this year.

Stockton was second on the FBI's list of most violent cities in California in 2012 right behind Oakland.

In 2012 Stockton set a new record in homicides with 71, but in 2013 homicides dropped to 32, an almost 55 percent decline.

Robberies too fell by 30 percent and aggravated assault by 17 percent, even car thefts were down by 15 percent. 

Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones says the persistent focus on violent crime has produced results.


"Really almost every program or operation we have comes back to our primary mission which is still working on illegal guns and gangs."

~Eric Jones, Stockton Police Chief


City Councilmember Kathy Miller says crime reduction was accomplished by an understaffed  police force, but a recent measure passed by voters should help reduce crime even more.

"And now we have funding to add up to 120 new officers. I think we will see these numbers and this trend continue," says Miller.

Both Jones and Miller say increased willingness by citizens to report crimes has helped police to be more effective.


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