Authorities Pick Up Panhandling Family In Modesto

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, January 9, 2014

The husband and wife used their children to gain sympathy as they panhandled. Panhandling may be illegal in Modesto, but it still goes on.

Heather Graves of the Modesto Police Department says what attracted more attention than the sign was the couple's five and seven-year-old children.

"We had received several complaints about this particular family and it's probably because they used the children in their panhandling effort," Graves said.

Police found the family had visited Napa, Manteca, and Modesto where they panhandled often. 

Graves called them professional panhandlers.

"In two hours, they made $365.89 as well as several hundred in gift cards so yes this was easier and more lucrative than a job could be," Graves said.

The couple was cited and released.

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