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K-ZAP on CapRadio Joins Saturday Night Block Party Lineup

Shirlee Tully | (916) 765-9000


Sacramento, Calif. - January 19, 2018: Capital Public Radio announces a rousing new addition to its Saturday Night Block Party music programming. K-ZAP on CapRadio will debut on January 20th at 7 P.M. on CapRadio's News stations, replacing Dinner Party Download, which recently ended production.

Chief Content Officer Joe Barr shares, "K-ZAP on CapRadio will lead our locally produced Saturday Night Block Party music programming, which includes Hey, Listen! with Nick Brunner at 8:00 P.M. and Acid Jazz with Gary Vercelli 10:00 P.M. Ending at midnight, these shows will complement one another and provide a five-hour sound track for the Saturday evening activities of our audience."

Hosted by veteran Sacramento radio personality Dennis Newhall, the new show will offer a weekly showcase of 20th and 21st century rock in the spirit of K-ZAP, Sacramento's original rock radio station. K-ZAP on CapRadio will appeal to those who remember the renowned station from its heyday; those who listen to its current incarnation online; and those who have never heard of K-ZAP, but will appreciate the show's carefully curated showcase of rock as it has evolved over the last five decades.

"For more than twenty years, K-ZAP exposed local audiences to a wide selection of rock music, from deep tracks by old favorites to adventurous music by emerging acts," says Newhall. "Since that time, as the format gave way to heavily restricted hits-only radio, our community has not had an outlet for the vast library of old and new rock music that exists. K-ZAP on CapRadio will offer a taste of the original KZAP, blending fresh, exciting new rock releases with the amazing music that has gone before."

With historically high levels of listenership and support from its members, CapRadio continues to innovate, developing entertaining, local content such as K-ZAP on CapRadio, while offering rich, journalistic coverage such as The View From Here: Place and Privilege, which features first-person perspectives on the local housing affordability crisis. 

"Our content decisions are guided by the desire to be indispensable to our audiences as they seek out knowledge about the world and inspiration from artistic expression. The launch of K-ZAP on CapRadio offers another dimension to our continually evolving programming," expresses Barr.